5 eCommerce SEO Tips for 2018

by Al Sefati
ecommerce seo tips

E-Commerce continues to grow without an interruption. According to data provided by Statistica on retail e-commerce sales,  in the United States alone, eCommerce sales are projected to surpass 603 billion in US dollars in 2021. According to Smart Insights evaluation data from 65 million e-commerce transactions demonstrates that top e-commerce traffic sources driving sales for […]

Get a Free SEO Audit Today

by Al Sefati
Free SEO Audit

Every company wants its website to rank high on the Google search engine results page. With strong Google visibility, you can boost brand awareness, drive more traffic, and ultimately increase conversions. On the other hand, a company website that flounders and fails to rank well is as good as invisible. So it’s worth asking: Does […]

Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Ads

by Al Sefati
Facebook Ads

Some are calling this a very bold move, but Facebook has decided to bann Cryptocurrency advertising on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. This Facebook advertising ban also includes Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Binary Options, and other similar financial products. Facebook Explains Ban on Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and Binary Options Explained in a company blog post, Rob Leathern, […]

How to Optimize Google AdWords Quality Score [Infographic]

by Al Sefati
Google AdWords Quality Score Optimization Tips

We are SEO advocates here at Sefati Consulting Group but we understand that running paid ads and pay per click campaigns such as AdWords campaigns are necessary to grow your brand online hence we often use PPC as part of our search experience marketing strategy and services. Working with various enterprise level clients, our data also confirms […]

Difference Between Google Analytics Standard vs. Google Analytics 360

by Al Sefati
Google Analytics Standard vs. 360

Google Analytics is the most common web analytics tools used by the majority of small and large businesses. Google Analytics comes in two flavors known as Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics 360 formerly known as Google Analytics Premium. Google Analytics Standard is the free version and it has been around since 2005 and Google continues to […]

Tips for Analyzing and Interpreting Digital Data

by Al Sefati
Digital & Web Analytics

It is no secret that data-oriented search and digital marketing is on demand and many companies pay big bucks for employees, contractors or consultants with good data analysis skills. But everyone talks about data. There is an epidemic of data overload in many companies. Data collection and storage cost money and resources and interpreting that data […]

What Makes a Good Enterprise SEO Strategy in 2018? [Infographic]

by Al Sefati
enterprise seo strategy

Last November, we wrote an SEO article on what makes a good enterprise SEO strategy. Three months later and now in the year of 2018, those enterprise SEO strategies and recommendations still hold strong as none of them have changed so we decided to represent them in the format of a simple infographic to explain […]

8 Actionable YouTube SEO Tips (2018)

by Al Sefati
YouTube SEO & Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the US, eclipsed only by Google; its user base now totals well over a billion. Just imagine, then, the kind of brand exposure you’d get if your video occupied the #1 seat for a YouTube search. That’s by no means an unattainable goal. With the right YouTube […]

Status of Enterprise SEO in 2018

by Al Sefati
Enterprise SEO 2018

For the last couple of years, we have been defining and re-defining enterprise SEO because of the changes to the SEO industry. We know that Search Engines such as Google keep making changes and those changes impact businesses of all sizes. Hence field of SEO is ever changing How Do We Approach Enterprise SEO For […]

5 Tips to Improve Product Photography

by Al Sefati
product photography

While the e-commerce continues to grow at a desirable rate of 23% a year in the US, 51% of the American people prefer online shopping. Visuals play an important role in showcasing products online, as there is no way to actually hold and review the product. Therefore, product photography is important to the success of […]