SEO Isn’t Dead; It’s Just Growing Up


This is a webinar about how when people say “SEO is dead” and how wrong they are. In one of my previous posts, I had a quick post about why you should invest in SEO that I also made a quick note that SEO is not dead. It is just changing and evolving which is what this webinar indicates literally: “SEO isn’t dead, it’s just growing up”

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SEO Strategy 2014 – An Overview


If you are a small business owner, marketing manager, or  a novice SEO specialist trying to learn more about an SEO strategy that works in 2014, then this post is for you.

SEO is no longer only about acquiring, exchanging, or buying a ton of text links to your website in order to rank better. In fact many of those links can hurt your ranking because chances are that they violate Google Guidelines. So below is an SEO strategy we recommend you can adopt in 2014.

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Mobile SEO Tips


mobile seoMobile SEO has always been important but as more people use their iphones and smart phones, they are becoming more “data savvy” using their smart phones to search for products and services on their mobile devices hence businesses are noticing a boom of mobile traffic.

One of my clients has over 40% of its overall traffic coming various mobile devices, and they are expecting this number to be greater than 50% by end of 2015. That is right! Majority of their traffic will be coming from mobile.

Also stats and trends  from other respected internet resources concur with the fact that mobile will will overtake PC usage very soon.

A business owner or a marketer you should not neglect mobile SEO and mobile marketing. Here are some of the things you can do to optimize for mobile:

Responsive Design – It’s almost a must that mobile webpages haveoptimal viewing experience that are easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of mobile devices.

Top Funnel Content – Your most important content should be presented on the top so it is more visible to mobile users. Mobile users usually have higher bounce rate than PC users because they are mobile, so you want to deliver the most important content to them right a way and make it as visible as possible.

Easy to Navigate – Mobile browsers have come a long way and mobile screens are getting larger, but mobile users are still having hard time navigating through some websites websites using their mobile devices. So the more you make it easier to navigate, the better it is for the users an search engines.

Limited Choices – Don’t give too many options to the users on mobile. Mobile users are on the go so they need to find what they are looking for fast.

Performance  - Your site’s speed and performance is very important for both users ands search engines so make sure your mobile pages load fast. Test them in various mobile devices.

Target Audience – You may get away with having irrelevant content on your main site but on your mobile page, you want to make sure your content is very relevant or else I may hurt your mobile SEO.

User Experiance (UX) – UX is easier to track on mobile sites so search engines look at how users react to your website and take that into ranking factor. Options like “click to call” and features like “barcode look up” in case of ecommerce are great features to have in order to add to UX.

Stay Local – Make sure each location has local mobile friendly web pages and do local SEO for each location. Also  include a direction link\button that links to Google map in case users need to find direction to your location.

Mobile Analytics – Actively look at your Google Analytics or your tracking software to find where you can improve.

Above are some basic mobile SEO and optimization tips. Don’t forget the basic onsite SEO tips (such as title tags, meta tags, etc) and continue to improve the authority of your domain using PR and natural link building so your mobile SEO also benefits. Also, don’t only count on SEO for mobile; Engage in other mobile marketing tactics.

More to come on mobile SEO and mobile marketing in future posts, but if you have any questions or neeed help, feel free to contact me.


Onsite Local SEO Tip; Put in some NAP!


If you have a local business, then you should have a local SEO strategy in place or else your missing out local traffic and potential business. In order to be successful in your local SEO campaign, one of the important things to know and implement is the NAP rule across website. What is the NAP rule? NAP stands for Name, Address,  Phone Number  and the NAP rule is that you should have the mention of at least our business name, address, and phone number together on your website:

Business Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip

(Note: It’s highly recommended to add address mark up to these).

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Google Plus Is Not Dead!


Google Plus is not dead. Far from it. Sure it has had some ups and downs, more downs, but Google has invested too much into it for it to die off. For starters, Google plus has over 250 million users, 150 million of them are active users half of them sign on daily. It has growth rate of 33% a year, and all have have gmail account can have a google+ account and there is almost half a million gmail users!

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Now Google Adwords Certified


As mentioned, in the last post, I am currently working on getting a few certifications including my Google partner – adwords certification. In order to be certified, I had to take 2 out of 3 exams to be certified; Advertising Fundamentals and Advances. And passing score was 85% and 80% respectively.

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Certifications In Progress


I am constantly trying to update my digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills by reading a set of tutorials, ebooks, or a book. The month of May I decided to do things a little differently and start studying in order to be certified. I reviewed the google partner study guide for adwords certification in order to be certified. Up to this point, I didn’t really need it even though I have done Adwords for so many years. What made me think about getting my adwords and other google partner certificates was so I am able to bid on projects that require it. I have already passed the first exam which was “advertising fundamentals” now I have to pass the other one to be certified.

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For SEO Professionals


If you are an SEO professional or you are trying to be, then you want to make sure you back up your career with lots of up-to-date knowledge and experiance. Both are absolutely necessary in order to be successful in this industry and I know firsthand as I have worked for and with many respectable companies some of them have been mentioned in the about me page either as an in house SEO or an SEO consultant.
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Don’t Neglect Your Facebook Fans


facebook fans

Facebook is continuing to be “the place to be” online. Many people login to their facebook accounts first thing in the morning and many login to it last thing before they go to sleep. So there is a lot of potential on Facebook for businesses and organizations but only if they know their fans.

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