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Evolution of Chief Marketing Officer Role (CMO) – [Infographic]

by Al Sefati
Evolution of CMO

We came across the infographic about the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and how in general role of marketing has changed and expanded over last few decades. For those that are interested in becoming a CMO and for those CMOs that are interested to see where their position is going, below infographic may shed some […]

Link Building Strategy: Build Professional Relationships (and links will come)

by Al Sefati
link building professional relationship

A big part of search engine optimization is getting backlinks—that is, having other reputable sites link to your own. Backlinks have always been a critical component in Google’s search algorithms, signaling that your site is a trusted resource and therefore worthy of attention. Because of this, SEO companies have traditionally put a lot of emphasis […]

Basics of Data Analysis

by Al Sefati
Data Analysis & Analytics

Data Analysis model isn’t only limited to digital data analysis but all business related data. A proper data analysis will require initial assessment, strategic planning, modeling, and reporting. Let’s review each individually. Initial Assessment and Strategic Planning Virtually all businesses can benefit from data analysis but many businesses still do not understand the power of data. Most […]

Top 10 Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

by Al Sefati
Restaurant local seo and marketing tips

It’s easy—and common—for restaurant owners to neglect the importance of local SEO. What they forget is that when tourists come to town and need to find a place to grab a meal, Google’s local search listings are typically the first line of research; and that even locals depend on Google to help them discover new […]

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Trends of 2017

by Al Sefati
Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Trends of 2017

On the Internet, nothing stays the same for too long. Digital marketing trends are ever in a state of flux—and that includes trends within affiliate marketing. This is actually one of the oldest, most established practices in all of online commerce, yet it also evolves with each passing year. Indeed, that evolution is critical to […]

How to Avoid the Google Fred Update

by Al Sefati
Google Fred update

Google’s algorithms are not set in stone. Actually, they change quite frequently—usually in minor ways that hardly warrant mentioning. Every now and then, though, Google changes its inner workings in a way that has a major impact on Web gurus and digital marketers—and one such update has happened just recently. It’s been called the Google […]

Search Experience Marketing Is Replacing SEO

by Al Sefati
SEO & Customer Journey Marketing

For a long time, online marketing has effectively been dominated by SEO—where the benefits are numerous but the basic goal is fairly straightforward: Getting your website to rank so that it can be found by online search engine users. Nobody denies that search engine visibility is important—imperative, even. Increasingly, though, search marketing professionals view it […]

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

by Al Sefati
Integrated online digital marketing

Increasingly, the conversation about online marketing is turning toward the concept of integration—specifically, of developing an integrated marketing strategy. Certainly, every business needs its own integrated marketing strategy, but exactly what does this mean, and what makes it so indispensable? Simply put, integrated digital marketing rests in the idea of cross-channel effectiveness—that is, in the […]

Is Donald Trump Right About CNN Being Fake News? A Digital Marketer’s Perspective

by Al Sefati
CNN President Trump

Fake news.If you’ve paid any kind of attention to recent headlines, you’ve heard the term before. Long before ascending to the presidency, or even winning the election, US President Donald Trump made far-reaching allegations about fraudulent news sources—including even mainstream news outlets such as CNN. Meanwhile, Facebook has pushed against the idea of fake news, […]

Why Outsourcing is Good – 5 Reasons Smart CMOs Choose Distributed Teams

by Al Sefati

There was a time when all the members of a professional team would work together in the same office—but the workplace is changing, and it’s changing fast. In today’s world, it is increasingly common to have distributed teams, including not only virtual employees but also vendors to whom you outsource key responsibilities. Thanks to major […]