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Google AdWords Quality Score Optimization Tips

by Al Sefati
Adwords Quality Score Tips

Google Adwords Quality Score In 2008, Google rolled out a new AdWords system called Quality Score, used to determine the ranking of paid ads. Quality Score soon became the standard for Google AdWords optimization, along with its focus on keyword relevance. Quality Score is used to determine the cost per click (CPC), and it’s multiplied […]

How to Compete With Amazon on Google Adwords

by Al Sefati

Amazon is the largest “product search engine” in the US, even bigger than Google. That means when it comes to searching for products, many users go to Amazon directly instead of Google however Amazon is still the largest Advertiser onGoogle.  Amazon ads also convert well so there is a thing or two google advertisers can learn […]

Top SEO Trends For 2018

by Al Sefati
SEO Trends 2018

SEO in 2018 – How Will It change? If one thing all marketers and SEO experts and SEO industry know that SEO is everchanging. Some may argue that the SEO philosophy hasn’t changed but everyone agrees that SEO technology has changed therefore SEO tactics will continue to change. The upcoming year of 2018 is no […]

What to Look for in Ecommerce SEO Services

by Al Sefati
What to Look for in Ecommerce SEO Services

More and more retail transactions happen online, which is good news if you happen to have your own ecommerce store—and yet, it’s important to note that products don’t sell themselves, and an e-commerce site isn’t guaranteed to be successful just because it fits into this general consumer trend. In fact, to make an ecommerce site […]

What Makes a Good Enterprise SEO Strategy?

by Al Sefati
Enterprise SEO Strategy

Enterprise SEO: It sounds like little more than a buzzword. Certainly, it is used by many different agencies, and with varying degrees of precision. Some of these agencies do truly offer enterprise SEO services while the others are simply using that buzzword to win big contracts. As a digital marketing leader or CMO, it’s important […]

Enterprise SEO in 2017

by Al Sefati
Enterprise SEO 2017

The State Of Enterprise SEO in 2017 One of the challenges that SEO presents is its fast-moving, ever-changing nature. There’s never been anything static about SEO, which is governed by trends and patterns that can turn on a dime. Those who work in the field must pause for regular temperature checks, ensuring they’re up on […]

BrightEdge Share 17 Notes – An Enterprise SEO Event

by Al Sefati
Share17 San Fransisco- Union Square

Last month in September, we attended Share 17 by Enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge. The event took place in the Union Square San Francisco. As an enterprise SEO consulting firm, we are a BrightEdge certified and attend these conferences regularly. Many important search related topics came up by industry leaders. Some of those included rise of voice search, […]

Sefati Consulting to Open Offices in San Diego and Los Angeles

by Al Sefati
San Diego vs Los Angeles

Sefati Consulting is a company that offers peerless enterprise SEO consulting services—something that’s both highly technical and highly creative in nature. Moreover, and more relevant to today’s announcement, it’s highly personal. Sefati tailors its services to meet the needs of each individual client, which of course means getting to know those clients in detail. New […]

Evolution of Chief Marketing Officer Role (CMO) – [Infographic]

by Al Sefati
Evolution of CMO

We came across the infographic about the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and how in general role of marketing has changed and expanded over last few decades. For those that are interested in becoming a CMO and for those CMOs that are interested to see where their position is going, below infographic may shed some […]