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Why Digital Marketing is the Future

by Al Sefati

The term digital marketing is often evoked as something separate and distinct from traditional advertising—that is, print ads, billboards, TV commercials, and the like. As time goes by, however, this distinction becomes increasingly meaningless. After all, good marketing goes where the consumers are, and these days consumers get the overwhelming majority of their media from […]

How Google’s New Rich Cards are Changing Mobile UX and SEO

by Al Sefati

Google’s search results format is anything but static. Actually, it’s fluid, getting tweaked and revised continually as Google seeks to provide a superior product to its customers. Recently, Google rolled out a significant change—the rich cards format, which is currently limited to a few select types of content but nevertheless holds some implications for SEOs. […]

Best SEO Companies: What Sets Them Apart from the Rest?

by Al Sefati

Searching for an SEO company is much like searching for any other kind of consultant, contractor, or business vendor: You want to make sure you’re getting value; you want to make sure you’re getting results; you want to make sure you’re getting bang for your buck. What this implies is that not all SEO companies […]

Choosing the Best Enterprise SEO Tools

by Al Sefati

There are many tools available for enterprise SEO—something that can be both a blessing and a curse. While it is certainly smart to invest in some tools to streamline and enhance your optimization efforts, choosing the best tools—and then learning to use them properly—can be a daunting process. As a general rule of thumb, a […]

User Experience and SEO: What’s the Connection?

by Al Sefati

In order to optimize for search engine success, it’s first important to understand the goals of the search engines themselves. Search engines such as Google want, basically, what all other businesses want—namely, to provide a good product to consumers. In this case, that means providing helpful, relevant search engine results for each query entered into […]

Franchise SEO and Marketing Tips

by Al Sefati

Search engine optimization can be challenging for any business, but it’s especially complicated for franchises—businesses that need to compete on a national-to-local scale. Not only do these businesses need to master the same SEO basics as other companies and brands, but they face the particular challenges that come from having multiple, often highly localized websites. […]

Recent Certificates

by Al Sefati
Digital Marketing Certificate from Coursera

I love Coursera. Ever-since a friend referred it to me and I saw the quality of the education, I got hooked on it. At first I just went through some of their free courses then later I learned that I could pay to specialize and get certificates hence I decided to pay for some of those […]

Why Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

by Al Sefati
Video Marketing

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Will be the Next Big Thing in World of Online Marketing I have talked about local marketing and mobile marketing quite a bit on this blog as I was among the first SEO experts who predicted that mobile SEO and local SEO will very very important in 2015 when I wrote 2015 SEO […]

It is Official, Analytics Clarity is Live

by Al Sefati
Analytics Clarity

Around this time last year, I purchased the domain name with goal of launching a comprehensive digital marketing and analytics firm that would focus on data oriented digital marketing solutions. Some of the services that I wanted to offer were digital marketing, digital analytics configuration (like Google and Adobe Analytics configuration), and data science (big […]

Digital Marketing Glossary

by Al Sefati

 Marketing Glossary The terms below are a list of marketing and digital marketing terms that you may find useful. The content below was made available on Coursera for the Digital Marketing Specialization course offered by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We have made this available for reference only but all content credit goes to Coursera and\or University […]