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What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

by Al Sefati
Integrated online digital marketing

Increasingly, the conversation about online marketing is turning toward the concept of integration—specifically, of developing an integrated marketing strategy. Certainly, every business needs its own integrated marketing strategy, but exactly what does this mean, and what makes it so indispensable? Simply put, integrated digital marketing rests in the idea of cross-channel effectiveness—that is, in the […]

Why Outsourcing is Good – 5 Reasons Smart CMOs Choose Distributed Teams

by Al Sefati

There was a time when all the members of a professional team would work together in the same office—but the workplace is changing, and it’s changing fast. In today’s world, it is increasingly common to have distributed teams, including not only virtual employees but also vendors to whom you outsource key responsibilities. Thanks to major […]

Have You Considered App Store Integration?

by Al Sefati

For the last several years, we have heard repeatedly that Google is shifting its focus to mobile users. This is undeniably true, as countless Google algorithmic updates will attest. Today, the sites that are optimized to be found on mobile devices are the ones that tend to fare the best from a rankings perspective, and […]

From 3-Pack to 2-Pack: A Big Change to Local Search Listings

by Al Sefati
Google maps local seo

Try this sometime: Conduct a search for a local business type—say, plumbers or used car dealerships. What Google will provide you with is a trio of search results, a 3-pack of listings for businesses in close proximity to your current location. This 3-pack arrangement of local search listings has been around for a while now—though […]

SEO Tips to Optimize for Google RankBrain

by Al Sefati
Google Rank Brain

Google’s algorithms are complex, and the factors used to determine search engine rankings are numerous. One of the most mysterious of these factors is RankBrain, which Google has identified as one of the most prominent components in its algorithm—even in the top three! For those who are unfamiliar with RankBrain, the foremost thing to understand […]

Conductor 30/30 Recap for Month of July

by Al Sefati

Conductor, one of my favorite enterprise SEO and content marketing platforms, hosts a monthly webinar called 30|30 which is exactly 30 minutes on the last 30 days in Search, social, and content news and trends. I was able to attend the one  which the hosted today(7/14/16) and they covered two main topic of Google algorithm Rank Brain […]

Choosing the Best Enterprise SEO Tools

by Al Sefati

There are many tools available for enterprise SEO—something that can be both a blessing and a curse. While it is certainly smart to invest in some tools to streamline and enhance your optimization efforts, choosing the best tools—and then learning to use them properly—can be a daunting process. As a general rule of thumb, a […]

User Experience and SEO: What’s the Connection?

by Al Sefati

In order to optimize for search engine success, it’s first important to understand the goals of the search engines themselves. Search engines such as Google want, basically, what all other businesses want—namely, to provide a good product to consumers. In this case, that means providing helpful, relevant search engine results for each query entered into […]

Franchise SEO and Marketing Tips

by Al Sefati

Search engine optimization can be challenging for any business, but it’s especially complicated for franchises—businesses that need to compete on a national-to-local scale. Not only do these businesses need to master the same SEO basics as other companies and brands, but they face the particular challenges that come from having multiple, often highly localized websites. […]

What is Enterprise SEO?

by Al Sefati
Your SEO Success Starts Here

It’s no exaggeration to say that Google search results have become the new Yellow Pages—the first and foremost way in which customers connect with local businesses. As such, search engine visibility is critical for any kind of success. Without a highly visible online brand, marketing is all but impossible—and in fact, the business may as […]