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Amazon Continues Domination as Product Search Engine of Choice

by Al Sefati

Where do you turn when you’re looking for information? For most of us, the answer is simple: Google. Though Bing commands a respectable market share, there’s no questioning that Google is the search engine of choice. But what about when you’re looking for products? The product search engine of choice is not Google, but rather […]

SEO Tips to Optimize for Google RankBrain

by Al Sefati
Google Rank Brain

Google’s algorithms are complex, and the factors used to determine search engine rankings are numerous. One of the most mysterious of these factors is RankBrain, which Google has identified as one of the most prominent components in its algorithm—even in the top three! For those who are unfamiliar with RankBrain, the foremost thing to understand […]

Education Marketing and SEO

by Al Sefati

All businesses need marketing—but that doesn’t mean all businesses need the same kind of marketing. Take the field of higher education, for example. Colleges and universities are clearly looking to bring in new “customers”—students, that is to say—but college recruitment is obviously a different matter than getting someone to buy a consumer product. Not surprisingly, […]

What Are The Top Three Factors in Google Rankings?

by Al Sefati

What is Google looking for in a Web page?  What are the necessary factors for obtaining solid rankings on the search engine results page? Those are the questions at the heart of SEO, and marketers have been fumbling for clear-cut criteria for years now. According to recent comments made by Google’s head honchos, it all […]