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BrightEdge Share 17 Notes – An Enterprise SEO Event

by Al Sefati
Share17 San Fransisco- Union Square

Last month in September, we attended Share 17 by Enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge. The event took place in the Union Square San Francisco. As an enterprise SEO consulting firm, we are a BrightEdge certified and attend these conferences regularly. Many important search related topics came up by industry leaders. Some of those included rise of voice search, […]

Amazon Continues Domination as Product Search Engine of Choice

by Al Sefati

Where do you turn when you’re looking for information? For most of us, the answer is simple: Google. Though Bing commands a respectable market share, there’s no questioning that Google is the search engine of choice. But what about when you’re looking for products? The product search engine of choice is not Google, but rather […]

Remember, Not All Content is Created Equal

by Al Sefati

You’ve probably heard it said that creating and distributing solid content is a great way to boost brand visibility and enhance search engine standings. This is true, but perhaps also a bit misleading: You see, not all content is created equal, and not all marketers are going to obtain the same results. Before investing in […]

How to Write Great Local Content

by Al Sefati

Local SEO—like any other search-related endeavor—is contingent upon quality content. Unfortunately, many local businesses are lacking in this regard, there is content perfunctory at best. This is a significant problem. For Google to provide a solid ranking, it first has to identify the value your site offers to the local consumer—and without compelling content, Google’s […]

From 3-Pack to 2-Pack: A Big Change to Local Search Listings

by Al Sefati
Google maps local seo

Try this sometime: Conduct a search for a local business type—say, plumbers or used car dealerships. What Google will provide you with is a trio of search results, a 3-pack of listings for businesses in close proximity to your current location. This 3-pack arrangement of local search listings has been around for a while now—though […]

SEO and Online Reputation Management: What’s the Connection?

by Al Sefati

Though search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management (ORM) are often spoken of in tandem, it is important to realize that they refer to two distinct disciplines. SEO is something we blog about often; to put it most succinctly, SEO refers to the optimization of website content to ensure strong search engine visibility. ORM, […]

Why Digital Marketing is the Future

by Al Sefati

The term digital marketing is often evoked as something separate and distinct from traditional advertising—that is, print ads, billboards, TV commercials, and the like. As time goes by, however, this distinction becomes increasingly meaningless. After all, good marketing goes where the consumers are, and these days consumers get the overwhelming majority of their media from […]

How Google’s New Rich Cards are Changing Mobile UX and SEO

by Al Sefati

Google’s search results format is anything but static. Actually, it’s fluid, getting tweaked and revised continually as Google seeks to provide a superior product to its customers. Recently, Google rolled out a significant change—the rich cards format, which is currently limited to a few select types of content but nevertheless holds some implications for SEOs. […]

Education Marketing and SEO

by Al Sefati

All businesses need marketing—but that doesn’t mean all businesses need the same kind of marketing. Take the field of higher education, for example. Colleges and universities are clearly looking to bring in new “customers”—students, that is to say—but college recruitment is obviously a different matter than getting someone to buy a consumer product. Not surprisingly, […]

Why Video Matters to Enterprise SEO

by Al Sefati

What makes for a well-optimized web page? There was a time when most SEOs thought the answer had to do with links, links, and more links. Over time, search engine optimization has grown in complexity, and most SEOS have realized that a well-optimized page is one that provides meaningful, actionable content that’s built to stand […]