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Boost Your Results in Amazon Search Engine Optimization

by Al Sefati

You may not think of as a search engine—but it is one, and a significant one, at that.  Consider it this way: When people need to find an answer to their question, they tend to use Google, the world’s largest search engine. But when people need to find a product, they tend to use […]

SEO on a Budget: Tips for Your Small Business

by Al Sefati

Large enterprises can sink similarly large sums of money into their SEO endeavors—leaving smaller companies wondering how they can possibly compete. The good news about SEO is that it doesn’t have to be unaffordable. There are steps you can take to boost your company’s search standing today, and that are accessible even to those with […]

Remember, Not All Content is Created Equal

by Al Sefati

You’ve probably heard it said that creating and distributing solid content is a great way to boost brand visibility and enhance search engine standings. This is true, but perhaps also a bit misleading: You see, not all content is created equal, and not all marketers are going to obtain the same results. Before investing in […]

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their AdWords Results Using Google Analytics

by Al Sefati
Digital Marketing Expert

Anyone who works in SEO is used to this question: Will AdWords help me grow my small business? The answer to the question is… possibly. Certainly, a well-run AdWords campaign can yield amazing results for any small or local business, but that’s a pretty high threshold to cross. Many small business AdWords campaigns frankly aren’t […]

Inbound Marketing and its Impact on SEO in 2016

by Al Sefati

Inbound marketing and search engine optimization are not the same thing, but neither are they unrelated. Inbound marketing is an important part of any viable search engine optimization endeavor; it’s fair to say that, without inbound marketing mechanisms in play, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve solid search engine rankings. For the uninitiated, here’s a […]

How Google’s New Rich Cards are Changing Mobile UX and SEO

by Al Sefati

Google’s search results format is anything but static. Actually, it’s fluid, getting tweaked and revised continually as Google seeks to provide a superior product to its customers. Recently, Google rolled out a significant change—the rich cards format, which is currently limited to a few select types of content but nevertheless holds some implications for SEOs. […]

Mobile SEO, Next Big Thing

by Al Sefati

Are You Optimized for Mobile SEO? By now everyone knows (or should know) that Mobile is the next big thing when it comes mobile marketing . If you have been following us reading our previous posts including the last post you will see how much importance we have put on mobile SEO. Google has been websites […]

Google Warns Sites with Non Mobile Sites Will Have Lower Search Rankings

by Al Sefati

Last September, I wrote an article on Top 10 SEO trends of 2015 and I warned that marketers should pay heavy attention to Mobile SEO. The recommendation I made was not only based on market trends and recommendations but also  based on our clients’ data. Almost all of our clients who were B2C businesses were […]

Mobile SEO Tips

by Al Sefati

Mobile SEO has always been important but as more people use their iphones and smart phones, they are becoming more “data savvy” using their smart phones to search for products and services on their mobile devices hence businesses are noticing a boom of mobile traffic.