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2018 Technical SEO Trends [Infographic]

by Al Sefati
2018 Technical SEO Trends

2018 is right around the corner and we have had a few blog posts on SEO in 2018. Our recent blog post about technical SEO trends for 2018 got some traction so we decided to create an infographic about it explaining it more visually: Technical SEO in 2018 Infographic Summary The technical SEO infographic above […]

SEO Tips to Optimize for Google RankBrain

by Al Sefati
Google Rank Brain

Google’s algorithms are complex, and the factors used to determine search engine rankings are numerous. One of the most mysterious of these factors is RankBrain, which Google has identified as one of the most prominent components in its algorithm—even in the top three! For those who are unfamiliar with RankBrain, the foremost thing to understand […]

Introducing Schema Markup (And Other Technical SEO Must-Haves)

by Al Sefati
Integrated Marketing

There is an old saying in search engine optimization circles: Content is king. The idea here is that having engaging, compelling content is arguably the most important thing you can do you make your site an SEO powerhouse. There’s some truth to that, yet the statement can also be misleading: It shifts the SEO focus […]