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Conductor 30/30 Recap for Month of July

by Al Sefati

Conductor, one of my favorite enterprise SEO and content marketing platforms, hosts a monthly webinar called 30|30 which is exactly 30 minutes on the last 30 days in Search, social, and content news and trends. I was able to attend the one  which the hosted today(7/14/16) and they covered two main topic of Google algorithm Rank Brain […]

User Experience and SEO: What’s the Connection?

by Al Sefati

In order to optimize for search engine success, it’s first important to understand the goals of the search engines themselves. Search engines such as Google want, basically, what all other businesses want—namely, to provide a good product to consumers. In this case, that means providing helpful, relevant search engine results for each query entered into […]

Recent Certificates

by Al Sefati
Digital Marketing Certificate from Coursera

I love Coursera. Ever-since a friend referred it to me and I saw the quality of the education, I got hooked on it. At first I just went through some of their free courses then later I learned that I could pay to specialize and get certificates hence I decided to pay for some of those […]

Search Impact: The New Google Webmaster Tool Feature

by Al Sefati

Google has just released a new feature in the Google Webmaster Tools called “Search Impact“. The Search Impact is a report that shows webmaster a breakdown search traffic clicks and various position metrics including date, popular queries, top pages, leading countries, user device and Google Search property Webmasters can filter these dimensions in order compare and contrast. This news […]

What to Expect in 2015. A Note by Al Sefati

by Al Sefati

The 2015 has started and we are already into the second week of the year and I thought I share with you some of our goals and expectations for the year 2015: Sefati Consulting Went Full Time  Sefati Consulting was launched as a full time firm in 2014. Prior to then Sefati Consulting was a side\part time business because I […]