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5 Tips to Improve Product Photography

by Al Sefati
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While the e-commerce continues to grow at a desirable rate of 23% a year in the US, 51% of the American people prefer online shopping. Visuals play an important role in showcasing products online, as there is no way to actually hold and review the product. Therefore, product photography is important to the success of […]

Video Marketing Tips and YouTube SEO Checklist for 2018

by Al Sefati
Video Marketing and SEO

If 2017 was the year of growth of mobile SEO and mobile technologies such as AMP, 2018 will be the year of video marketing and Youtube optimization. Make no mistake, we all know YouTube and video marketing has been around for a long time but it has been neglected by many marketers, CMOs, business owners […]

Have You Considered App Store Integration?

by Al Sefati

For the last several years, we have heard repeatedly that Google is shifting its focus to mobile users. This is undeniably true, as countless Google algorithmic updates will attest. Today, the sites that are optimized to be found on mobile devices are the ones that tend to fare the best from a rankings perspective, and […]

Why Video Matters to Enterprise SEO

by Al Sefati

What makes for a well-optimized web page? There was a time when most SEOs thought the answer had to do with links, links, and more links. Over time, search engine optimization has grown in complexity, and most SEOS have realized that a well-optimized page is one that provides meaningful, actionable content that’s built to stand […]