Last September, I wrote an article about top 10 SEO predictions of 2015 and in that article I specifically mentioned that Google will revisit cooperation the major social media players such as Facebook and Twitter. It turned out that I was right as last week Google and Twitter made a data sharing deal where Google can show twitter data in its search results.

The deal was announced by Geekwire and confirmed by Twitter  that could potentially be a big deal for Google and Twitter and for the marketers

How Does Google and Twitter Deal Impact SEO

It is still too early to tell but last time Twitter and Google worked together was (I believe) around 2009. I remember that year I attended the SMX advanced that year, many experienced SEOs  and marketers including those from Moz claimed that they had seen correlations between the keywords in the tweets and rankings of those keywords in the search results. In other words, even the Google and Twitter Deallink was nofollowed, Google still looked at the keywords and corresponding landing pages of tweets.

Chances are that Google may do the same this time around although Google algorithm has become much more advanced since 2009 hence it maybe less obvious to detect how . Nevertheless I believe SEOs should continue to do the following

  1. Shift Social Media Focus to Twitter. Give more attention to Twitter as result of this deal. Google is thirsty for social media data because that is where Google never succeeded so they will look at twitter data closely.
  2. Increase Influential Followers.  Having a lot of followers is good but having a lot of influential followers is great  because they can have a lot of good impact for the users and SEO.
  3. Increase number of tweets, reasonably. From what I recall, tweets’ age in Google search result were very short. Therefore the more tweets you get out, the more chance you get them show up in search and drive some search traffic and more probability that would impact your SEO.
  4. Stay Relevant and Newsworthy. Don’t tweet just about anything. You should stay as relevant as possible about your business and your industry to demonistrate yourself as an authority in your field. Google’s algorithm always looks for industry authorities so make sure your tweets are catchy and news worthy so they can get a lot of attention.


As I mentioned, the new deal just happened last week as it was just confirmed by Twitter earlier so it is too early to come up with a  solid strategy. However getting a head start will  not hurt. Even if Google and Twitter deal doesn’t impact SEO rankings, it can still bring in more traffic which can only be beneficial for your business.

We will blog more about Twitter influence in Google search results as we get more intelligence about it but meanwhile you can contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this article or if you need help forming a your Twitter strategy or social media strategy for your business.