As blogged about this before, Google announced that mobile friendliness of a website is to  becoming a ranking factor in the mobile search results for very near near future. The Date Google provided for this taking into effect was April 21, 2015 which is quite unprecedented since Google has never provided a specific algorithm release date before.

Most marketers already should know of impact of a mobile friendly site for their businesses. Users simply don’t like sites that are not mobile friendly and they tend to bounce off fast. This Google algorithm should come as no surprise to search marketers and SEO experts as Google has always preached to create website and content that is good for the users. Google has already adopted many ranking signals that examines websites usability (like load time and website performance) and with users using their mobile devices more, it makes perfect sense for them to shift focus to mobile.

The specifics of this mobile have been mentioned in a Webmaster Tool Google Hangout last month which you can see here.

What do do next?

Considering the mobile user trends and this expected move by Google, it is important for all businesses and organizations to make their website mobile friendly as possible. We recommend this should be their highest priority for their IT team as the April 21st is fast approaching. If your website is not mobile friendly you may have recived a  warning from Google that your website is not mobile friendly.

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly? 

There are a couple of things you can do.

  1. Work with your developers to make it responsive. This is the fastest way to get around it.
  2. Develop a new separate mobile site for your website that only delivers mobile content. This will require more time and resources to create and maintain but you may see better results.

The impact of this algorithm is unknown but usually such Google changes in the past have been responsible for up to 15% of overall search traffic which could be quite a lot for some businesses.