Google’s search results format is anything but static. Actually, it’s fluid, getting tweaked and revised continually as Google seeks to provide a superior product to its customers. Recently, Google rolled out a significant change—the rich cards format, which is currently limited to a few select types of content but nevertheless holds some implications for SEOs.

Google Adds Rich Results Filter to Search Console

To understand what rich cards are, it’s first important to consider rich snippets. These are the listings you’ve surely seen before, where the Google search engine results page adds just a little bit of extra info beyond the traditional meta title and description. A rich snippet might be an event calendar, an image, a video, or even a review, embedded right there in the SERP listing. The idea, of course, is to enrich the search experience, and to provide more info right there on the results page—without requiring the user to click the link to see it.

Rich cards are somewhat similar. These mobile-only features appear at the top of a search results page, in the form of a digital card; they are in a carousel format, so users can scroll from left to right to see an array of content. The basic concept of the rich card is the same as the rich snippet: Google is trying to provide a little extra information, not usually found in “traditional” search listings.

This feature is significant enough that Google has actually added a tool to its Search Console—an easy way to see how many of your own rich cards are indexed. That Google is assisting SEOs in using this new feature shows that it’s not going anywhere—that in fact, it’s likely to become all the more pervasive.

Starting with Recipes and Movies on Mobile

For now, though, it is important to understand that rich cards are limited to just two types of content—recipes and movies. In fact, if you want to see what a rich card looks like, an easy way to do it is to get out your smartphone and do a quick search for a recipe—something like “waffle recipe” or “grilled chicken recipe,” or most anything that has recipe contained within it. A rich card should be displayed at the top of your search results page.

Note that rich cards are designed to provide an improved user experience—a way for users to more easily get the information they are seeking. Because it improves the user experience, it’s sure to also enhance SEO, as Google has always favored listings that provide real, actionable value to the user. The implication: As this content form expands, you’re going to want to make it part of your own listings.

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