What makes for a well-optimized web page? There was a time when most SEOs thought the answer had to do with links, links, and more links. Over time, search engine optimization has grown in complexity, and most SEOS have realized that a well-optimized page is one that provides meaningful, actionable content that’s built to stand the test of time. Links can factor into that, but they’re hardly the be-all and end-all.

The old adage that content is king is as true now as ever—yet even so, certain types of content remain undervalued in enterprise SEO. In particular, many SEOs still underutilize videos in their content, and in doing so forfeit many opportunities to create a rich user experience—and thus, solid search engine rankings.

The Benefits of Video

In fact, embedding a video within a blog post or a piece of Web content can be beneficial in a number of ways. Consider:

Video provides you with a way to diversify your content. Rather than just written text all the time, you can educate and inform readers through a video clip.
Videos can also protect against high bounce rate. Your SEO is improved when people stay on your page longer—and a video is one way to hold someone’s attention for several seconds, even several minutes.
Additionally, video content is great for getting links and social shares. A compelling video is something that people are going to want to share with others, plain and simple, and that only helps your SEO.

What it all boils down to is this: Google wants to provide its customer (the search engine user) with a solid product (a good search experience). Video only enriches your content, and provides added appeal and interest for the user. And if it’s a win for the end user, it’s likely going to be a win for your SEO, as well.

How to Do Video Well

With all of that said, the success of video marketing obviously hinges on the quality of your videos. Again, thinking in terms of the end user experience is a good guidepost: If you develop videos that are informative and enriching, you’ve done your job.

There are several examples of how this can be done:

If your company sells a physical, tangible product, product demonstration videos and tutorials can provide the consumer with confidence.
For companies with less-tangible products and services, whiteboard and explainer videos can deliver insight and intrigue.
A welcome video from the company owner, explaining the company’s value and vision, brings a human face to the business.
How-to videos, relevant to your industry, can prove thought leadership, and are especially useful among those who work in service industries.

The bottom line is that video is a key tool in the SEO toolbox—but to wield it properly, it’s best to work with an expert SEO consultant. Reach out to Sefati Consulting today to start the conversation about video marketing.