Local SEO—like any other search-related endeavor—is contingent upon quality content. Unfortunately, many local businesses are lacking in this regard, there is content perfunctory at best. This is a significant problem. For Google to provide a solid ranking, it first has to identify the value your site offers to the local consumer—and without compelling content, Google’s algorithms have no basis for making that evaluation.

Including Local Keywords—But Not Too Many

There are a few important tips we will offer for local businesses looking to improve their content. The first pertains to local keywords, an area in which many business owners are overzealous. After all, we’ve probably all been to websites that read like this: Our Orange County plumbing company provides the best Orange County plumbing services. If you’re looking for Orange County plumbing, make sure you call our Orange County plumbers today!

This may be an exaggerated example, but not much of one. Many local business pages are oversaturated with local keywords, when a much higher quotient of them will do. By all means include a geographically specific keyword or two in your content, but three or four per paragraph is unwise. Always aim for something that reads naturally and flows smoothly.

Focus Your Content on Value

This leads into the next tip, which is that it is always in your best interests to write for human readers—that is, actual consumers—rather than for search engine algorithms per se. Think in terms of what makes your company special. Think in terms of why your business deserves to be the #1 rated company in your niche. From there, you should have a good idea of what to include in your content—a clear value proposition, outlining exactly what you do and what benefit you can offer your customers.

Here’s a good test: Read your website content out loud to yourself. How does it flow? What points does it convey? Does it powerfully make the case for your business as the solution to consumer needs—or is it a laundry list of keywords and phrases? Writing organically, rather than robotically, should always be your goal, because writing in a way that enriches the consumer experience is ultimately what will find you favor with Google.

Include Contact Information

A final tip, and an important one: Every page of your website should include contact information—including not only a physical address, but also a phone number with a local area code. The reason for this is simple: Google’s algorithms use this information to determine your standing in local searches. Being found by nearby consumers depends on you sharing your specific contact information.

All of these tips point the way toward proper local SEO content writing: Talk to consumers, not search bots. Convey value. Share your location clearly, but not overzealously.  And for further guidance in proper local search optimization, do not hesitate to reach out to Sefati Consulting Group at your next convenience.