I am jumping a few months ahead, making predictions based on current SEO trends, and to predict where SEO is heading for 2015. I know there are a few months left so I will add more posts and content regarding SEO in 2015 but I figured I start a few months early. This way I’ll know how much I was on the ride track and where I wasn’t. It is important to know these are my predictions based on my knowledge and experiance and not any other sources.

1) Website Security –  Google announced that they are going to rank https as a ranking signal. Although many SEO authorities such SearchMetrics and SEO theory as well as others declared that wasn’t a ranking factor yet so SEOs shouldn’t worry about it, but I respectfully disagree. I believe they are referring to their own data and experiance but from a few of my clients I have already seen slight improvements since we moved over to https and made our site more secure. Of course that could have been due to many other reasons but we decided to align our goals with Google to stay proactive since Google itself claimed HTTPS is a ranking signal, one must be naive to rule it out as an influencing factor!

2) Website Errors –  Errors are not good for SEO at all. They dilute pageRank, prevent crawlers from indexing your pages and your content properly, and they are just bad user experiance. As we know, user experiance is really focused these years among SEOs as preached by Google so fixing crawler errors should be top priority. A client of mine had  over 1000 webmaster errors so fixing those errors helped our overall organic traffic and conversion by over 2%. You may not think 2% is much however when you get over 10k uniques a day, 2% traffic makes the difference.

3) Mobile SEO  –  Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic for many websites and businesses. It is growing rapidly and by end of 2015, mobile traffic will completely surpass organic traffic for all businesses as I mentioned in mobile SEO tips. So don’t neglect mobile SEO and mobile marketing.

4) Local SEO – Local businesses come and go. Also lots of online only businesses are trying to have some sort of local presence therefore  it is very important to continue your local SEO and local marketing efforts and optimize for local. Google will stay focused on Local SEO for 2015 so continue keeping at it.

5)Analyze Your Data – No Big Data is not just a buzz word. It is an expression that there is a lot of data out there  and your attempt to make sense of some of it can be very helpful for your business. From marketing and SEO prospective it is very important to have a data oriented approach toward SEO instead of  “one size fit all” approach. The more you understand your data, the better you can optimize only for you and get competitive edge over your competitors, increase your organic traffic and and  bottom-line.

6) Video Marketing – I also like to call it Youtube Marketing. The more and better videos you upload to Youtube under your main account and embedding them on your website or marketing them elsewhere,  the better it will help you on search engine overall visibility. Google owns YouTube and is investing greatly in it because people simply like engaging videos and content.

7) Social Media –  Google has been resisting social media signals as strong signals especially from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other competitors to Google plus  because Google really tried to make Google plus work.  So there were may have been a lot of politics involved but I believe in 2015, Google must take a deeper look at its social media strategy so keep social media as one of your main marketing channels. It will help your marketing and your SEO.

8) Content Marketing – Fresh content, unique content, long content, keyword stuff content simply  don’t cut it any more! Those were the SEO content of the past and the web is filled with those types of content. Today content marketing is very important in world of SEO because the only type of content that are ranking are those type of content add value to the readers. Do you want a link from sites Huffington Post or The NewYork Times? They are always in need of content so they are on the look out for good content. If you create great content they can use, and do an effective job marketing your content, they getting those links won’t be impossible.

9) Linking Building –  Taking about link building, I predict that artificial link builders will be troubled even further by Google. You may ask what do I mean by “artificial link builders?”. I am talking about those that ask for links or pay for links. As mentioned in the last item, you must improve your content marketing so authority sites like to link to you. If you are asking for links to improve SEO rankings, then your violating Google’s link scheme guidelines.  Each year Google is getting better and better to pick up such artificial links and even punish the sites engaging in them so don’t build links. Build relationships instead of links.  For example if you have solid business relationship with bloggers and authorities in your industry, then you will have good network of people to promote your content to! And if they wanted to link to you or your content (without you asking), then that’s the ideal link to get.

10) Happy Customers  – Product Management and Customer Service- Go back to the basics. Make sure your customer service department is heavily involved in making your customers happy. Improve your product or services and continue over delivering to your customers. Happy customers mean good reviews. And good reviews mean good reputation and good reputation could mean better SEO. Just think about it.

Above are some of intelligent guesses that I have for top 10 SEO tips in 2015 based on my years of experiance. But as we get closer to 2015, I will blog about this topic more.  Please contact me if you have any questions or leave some comments if you find this article useful, or agree or disagree.