2018 Technical SEO Trends [Infographic]

2018 Technical SEO Trends
2018 is right around the corner and we have had a few blog posts on SEO in 2018. Our recent blog post about technical SEO trends for 2018 got some traction so we decided to create an infographic about it explaining it more visually:

2018 Technical SEO Trends Infographics

Technical SEO in 2018 Infographic Summary

The technical SEO infographic above explained the following SEO trends in detail:

  • AMP will continue to expand in 2018
  • SSL/HTTPs will be more prominent in 2018
  • Mobile friendliness and user experience will be even more important SEO factor in 2018
  • Schemas continue to remain an essential part of SEO they will perhaps even expand
  • Metadata length updates happened in 2017 but implementations need to take place in 2018
  • Holistic SEO will continue to rise and show its importance in the year of 2018
  • Less value will be given to stock photos and stock videos and better rankings will be associated with original photos and videos in 2018

In conclusion, technical SEO will continue to be among the most impart endeavors for any SEO manager in 2018. Managing developers and techies and estimating ROI for the executives to justify those resources are often a huge but important undertaking for SEO experts and SEO managers that will become even more important in 2018.

Technical SEO Consulting Services

Technical SEO is one of our core specialty here at Sefati Consulting. We have helped both small and large enterprise level organizations with their technical SEO for years, we stay current with trends and our data-oriented approach to SEO can help you achieve your technical SEO needs.

Author: Al Sefati

Al Sefati is an enterprise SEO and search marketing expert and the founder of Sefati & Company. Al works with marketing agencies and enterprise level clients and he is in charge of forming and monitoring their SEO and SEM strategies. Al blogs often about latest SEO, SEM and digital marketing trends and tactics.
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