5 Essential Qualities of a Top Enterprise SEO Agency

5 Essential Qualities of a Top Enterprise SEO Agency
Larger companies have unique marketing needs—including some particular SEO challenges. That’s why it’s important for international companies and Fortune 500 brands to seek an enterprise SEO consulting agency that can accommodate those needs—helping them achieve a strong search engine presence on both local and global levels, and to back up all their marketing decisions with advanced data and analytics.

Not all enterprise-level SEO companies are created equal, though—so how can you select an enterprise SEO agency that’s right for your needs? Here are five things to look for.

1. A Good Enterprise SEO Agency Will Provide A Thorough Audit

The first step in any enterprise SEO campaign is determining where you stand—and what you can do to improve. This isn’t something you should guess at, but rather it’s something to consider from a highly technical and data-driven point of view. As such, top enterprise SEO agency will perform:

  • A technical audit
  • A content audit
  • A backlinks audit
  • A citations audit
  • A competitive audit (analyzing the performance of key competitors)

2. It’s Also Important to Find a White-Hat SEO Agency

When we talk about white hat SEO, all we mean is an approach that conforms to all of Google’s stated guidelines—never trying to cheat or to game the system. Disreputable SEO practices are called black hat, and they inevitably end in search engine penalties. An above-board, white hat approach is the only way to ensure lasting results, and it’s something you should always look for from your enterprise SEO agency.

3. Top Enterprise SEO Agency Emphasizes Communication

Enterprise SEO requires everyone involved to be working together, aligned toward the same goal. That’s difficult to achieve when you only have one monthly call with your SEO team, so we recommend seeking an enterprise SEO agency that will be in touch with you weekly, or at the very least bi-weekly, to review the latest data and to fine-tune your strategy.

4. A Data-Oriented SEO Company is Essential

Something else to seek in your enterprise SEO company? A strong focus on data and analytics, including transparent reporting that encompasses all key metrics. A successful strategy requires data points beyond page ranking; traffic, user flow, and conversions are also useful pieces of information.

5. A Good Enterprise SEO Agency Tells a Story

Finally, we believe that a good enterprise SEO agency simplifies data for the client, tells a story, educates the client about SEO as part of a larger search experience, and promotes SEO evangelism—in short, keeping the client totally engaged with the process.

Sefati Consulting is a Top Enterprise SEO Agency

If you’re ready to partner with a strong top enterprise SEO agency—one that checks all these boxes and many more—we urge you to contact Sefati Consulting Group. We have years of experience providing top SEO results for enterprise-level clients, and we are committed to a rigorously data-driven approach. Contact Sefati Consulting Group to schedule your enterprise SEO consultation. You can also claim your free SEO audit today!

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