5 Reasons to Invest in SEO in 2019

5 Reasons to Invest in SEO in 2019
5 Reasons to Invest in SEO in 2019

Search engine optimization is often discussed in terms of its cost, but it may be more valuable to think of it in terms of an investment. Yes, a good SEO campaign required a real investment of time and resources on the front end– but the benefits it can yield for your business are potentially manifold.

Indeed, we think there are a number of good reasons to invest in SEO in 2019. In this post, we’ll explain why knowing some SEO best practices in 2019 has so much potential.

The Value of SEO in 2019

  1.  SEO gets you some inexpensive traffic for your website. Please note our language here; we’re not saying that traffic is free! There is definitely a cost to creative content writing, a time commitment to optimizing your site, and so on. With that said, strategic investment in SEO can land you plenty of traffic for your website—and that traffic is generally going to cost you a lot less than what you might expect to pay at other channels.
  2. A lot of search engine users ignore paid ads. Should you invest in SEO, PPC, or both? That’s a question we field quite often, and while we think both of these options are ultimately worthwhile, SEO is foundational. That is, if you have to invest in just one of them, we’d always recommend you choose SEO. The reason for this is simple: According to studies, close to 75 percent of search engine users skip right past the paid ads, scrolling down to the local and organic search results. If you want to reach the widest audience possible, SEO is your best bet.

    3. SEO enhances your other channels. Something related to that last point: SEO can help you improve the performance of other channels. For example, if you do run some PPC ads, SEO can make them more impactful. That’s because most search engine users are more likely to click on an ad if they have already seen the brand mentioned elsewhere on the Web—e.g., in organic search results.

    4. SEO is a high converting digital marketing channel. We’ll keep this point short and simple: If you’re looking for conversions, SEO has proven over and over to be more consistent and effective than any other channel. That’s a big part of why we recommend keeping up with SEO trends in 2019.

    5. SEO helps with branding. Finally, through a robust SEO investment, you can really cultivate the impressions that users have of your brand—and in today’s world, the brand is everything! To put it most succinctly, SEO is how you shape the story that people are telling about your business, your products, and your services.

Do You Know the SEO Best Practices for 2019?

The bottom line is that, when managed strategically, the investment you make in SEO can pay off for your business—and in more ways than one.

There are a lot of moving pieces to that, including consistent creative work, sound site optimization, and a willingness to keep up with the ever-changing algorithmic updates and SEO industry trends.

It’s a tall order, which is why many businesses are better off partnering with an SEO consultancy.

Sefati & Co can provide a full SEO audit, helping you see the areas where your investment could be used more advantageously. And, we can provide you with the blueprint you need to take advantage of those SEO opportunities.

Make the investment in SEO today, and get ready to see it pay off some major dividends.

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