5 Technical SEO Trends for 2018

Search engine optimization has been called part art and part science. Certainly, there is an important creative aspect to it; human voice is needed to make SEO sing. With that said, there are also many technical factors in SEO success. One of the great challenges that SEOs face is keeping up to date with these technical factors, which are ever evolving and changing.

As we prepare for a new calendar year, here are a 5 technical considerations—some SEO trends to take into account as you review and revise your technical approach:

  1. AMP
  2. SSL/HTTPs
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Schemas
  5. Meta Data Updates

Read on for details on each of these 2018 SEO trends plus two bonus SEO tips for 2018:

5 Technical SEO Trends for 2018

5 Technical SEO Trends for 2018


One of the biggest technical SEO factors of 2017 was the emergence of accelerated mobile pages or AMP—pages coded to load quickly, especially on mobile devices, and therefore favored by Google’s search algorithms.

Though AMP was not new in 2017, it did emerge as one of the primary factors in SEO success. We believe that it will continue to be significant in 2018—that AMP content will become more commonplace, and that Google’s AMP support will broaden.

Certainly, SEO experts should consider adopting AMP as they seek to improve their mobile rankings.


As data security becomes more and more of a hot topic, online users want to know that the sites they visit are safe—and of course, Google wants to accommodate them.

According to our research, sites that don’t have HTTPS security have been losing rankings throughout 2017—and they will only continue to lose rankings as we enter the new year.

The bottom line? We predict that HTTPS will become a major area of focus in SEO this year.

Mobile Friendliness

The prominence of mobile devices has been one of the search trends for several years now—and it’s not going to change anytime soon.Mobile Website User Experience Trends in 018

Google’s mobile index means mobile usability is a key ranking factor—and sites with mobile issues will certainly see a decline in rankings.

And merely moving to responsive design isn’t enough; we predict that mobile page load, mobile crawlability, and mobile UX issues will all be critical to SEO success in 2018 and beyond.


Lots of sites are still behind when it comes to implementing schema markup, yet as voice search grows in its import, schemas will become even more helpful for enabling bots to understand the content.

We believe that, in 2018, more schema and markup technology will be introduced—and savvy SEOs will take full advantage of it.

Meta Data Updates

One more 2018 trend to note: Recently Google introduced a longer meta description, yet they also advised against revising meta descriptions. Their focus seems to be more on providing the proper markups and content.

As we get into 2018, we predict that all snippets will see their importance decline, if not vanish completely.

Two Bonus SEO Tips

All five of those trends have a big implication for SEO managers as we head into 2018—and they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a couple of additional tips we’d make, here on the cusp of a new year.

Bonus SEO Tips for 2018

  1. Boring stock images and videos will be devalued in Google search rankings. This is because of advances in Google image processing and AI. As such, we recommend original images and videos, along with complete HTML tags (alt and title) and schema markup for each image.
  2. A website’s overall technical health will become more important; hence, it is important to pay close attention to the search console to identify and fix any issues.

And that’s it for now—a range of issues and opportunities for your 2018 SEO endeavors. To learn more about what you can do to stay on top of 2018 SEO trends, reach out to Sefati Consulting today.