Google AdWords Quality Score Optimization Tips

Google Adwords Quality Score

In 2008, Google rolled out a new AdWords system called Quality Score, used to determine the ranking of paid ads. Quality Score soon became the standard for Google AdWords optimization, along with its focus on keyword relevance. Quality Score is used to determine the cost per click (CPC), and it’s multiplied by the ad’s maximum bid to determine ad rank in the auction process. In a nutshell, the better your Quality Score, the better your ads will rank in Google search results, and the cheaper those ads will be.

In many ways, Quality Score is similar to a consumer credit score. Say you are looking for a home or auto loan. The better your credit is, the more likely you are going to be able to purchase the desired home or car at the lowest available rates. In a similar way, Google Quality Score influences your ad performance and cost.

How to Improve AdWords Quality Score

To improve a Quality Score, there are three primary areas of focus:Adwords Quality Score

  1. Keywords must be relevant to the ad;
  2. Ads should include relevant keywords in their copy; and
  3. Landing pages should contain target keywords naturally.

Expert AdWords Quality Score Tips

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  • Click-through rate (CTR) is very important, so ads should be attractive enough to get clicks.
  • Landing page user experience is important!
  • High impressions are vital, as well, so bid on high impression keywords.
  • Your historical AdWords account performance and activity matter, too. So monitor your account and remain active (don’t let things go on autopilot too long). We recommend daily monitoring and spending at least 30 minutes per account weekly.

Additional Insider Tips That Help Quality Score

  • Ad Extensions: AdWords offers a variety of site extensions. The more popular ones are site links, callouts, and call extensions, but there are a lot more than you can use in your ad campaigns. Here you can find a list of AdWords ad extensions. Ad extensions help you improve click-throughs, which are key factors.
    • Update Ad Extensions: Once you start using your Ad extensions, you should remember to keep them updated on a regular basis, especially during the holidays and high traffic seasons, such as back to school season.
  • Campaign Structure: Campaign structure is very important when it comes to Quality Score. Campaigns should be small, highly targeted (ideally with a single keyword) ad-groups. Continue studying your AdWords account structure as it is vital to your PPC success.
  • Micro Conversions: Conversion shouldn’t always be about selling a product or getting a lead. There are other conversion goals you can set up– for example when users download a PDF or click on certain buttons or go to a direction page. These are all micro conversions that eventually lead to the main conversion. In AdWords, campaigns and ad-groups with the highest conversions tend to have a better Quality Score; setting up more conversion points can help your chances of earning more conversions.

Google AdWords & Quality Score Consulting

At Sefati Consulting Group, we have been using Google AdWords since the early 2000s, when it was first launched to the public. Since then, we have witnessed the evolution of Google AdWords into the complex advertising platform it is today. We follow Google guidelines, but we also look at data to see how we can improve our clients’ campaigns. We have partnered up with Posted in Adwords, Search Marketing Tagged ,