Many small businesses shy away from investing in Google adwords because of how expensive it can be. It is very true, adwords costs can be very expensive and unaffordable especially for small business with very limited budget. However I still advise small businesses to invest in Google adwords for the following reasons;


adwords small business

Why Invest in Adwords;

People that are searching for your products or your services are more likely to be needing your products or services. Also 20% of searches each day are new searches; Hence there are a ton of opportunity for small businesses if they run adwords efficiently to market their products and services

How to Invest in Adwords

Many businesses do it all wrong. Small businesses have limited budget in adwords so they need to get it right quickly or else they will have unrecoverable losses. Below are some practical tips from our practice experiance with some of our clients.

Be Very Specific; Be ROI Oriented 

In contrary to SEO which is more holistic practice, adwords is more specific and more unit driven. That means that you should know exactly what product or service you need to run your adwords about. The more specific the better. You should aim for ROI and nothing else. You don’t need to spend time for branding or getting your name out there. That is a good tactic for larger companies. Small businesses with very limited budget should be very conversion oriented. You need to use adwords only to sell your products or services. You need to have a very detailed and ROI oriented view because if you can get a good return on your investment, you can expand your adwords marketing efforts.

We typically suggest our clients start building your campaigns with one  product or services and make sure it works first and they have positive ROI before they move on to more products or services.

For example, a client of ours is an online soccer shop. Before we inherited their adwords, they were running all sort of ads. They were running ads for general keywords such as soccer balls, soccer shoes, etc.  They had average monthly spend of $2000 but they were not happy because they weren’t making much money from it.

After we took over their Adwords,  we worked with them and their  merchandising manager to identify exactly what product they had plenty of in stock so we could promote. We started with one product they usually bought in bulk so they could offer good price on. It was a Nike soccer ball called Nike Premier Team NFHS Ball . We created an main campaign for soccer balls then created an ad-group just for that ball. Then in that adgroups we included various highly relevant  keywords, ads, and landing pages. We include the price in the ad and made a call to action that there would be free shipping if customers were to buy now.

Only a few days into starting the new campaign, we were making sales. We continued adjusting the bids, ads, and keywords by modifying the case of keywords “board, phrase, exact match”,  negative keywords, adding or pausing keywords,  modifying the bids, creating new ads, and we kept improving until we had positive ROI.  Then wee applied the same strategy for a few other products hence we had a successful adwords campaign that was paying for itself and bringing in money.


If your a service oriented business, among other things you can do, is to make sure your ads show up only in areas you can provide your services. For example if your a family lawyer in Orange County, then Orange County should really be your area of service. Investing in ads in surrounding counties such as San Diego or Los Angeles may not convert too well for you.

Continuous Refinement
Being active is key to your adwords success. As a small business, you can’t afford not to login to your adwods account. A simple daily monitoring and adjustment could be the fine line between success and failure for small budgets.

Hire a Professional
If you are too busy to login to your own adwords daily, or if you login and you don’t know what to do, it maybe a good idea to hire an adwords professional.   At least for a while until you get up to speed. As certified and experienced adwords partners,  we are here to help you should you need it. We have simplified consulting fees that are hourly based or monthly commission based depending on  your budget and size of campaign and business. Contact us to learn more.