Amazon is for Online Shoppers What Craigslist Is for Used Car Buyers

Amazon is for Online Shoppers What Craigslist Is for Used Car Buyers

There are a number of common misconceptions about SEO—but perhaps the most nefarious is this: The idea that SEO is all about Google, and perhaps to a lesser extent, Bing.

The reality is that your brand needs to be “discoverable” on whatever platforms your audience uses. Historically, that’s meant the big search engines, and Google in particular. But what if your audience isn’t looking for information, but rather they are seeking products?

If that’s the case—if you’re dealing with shoppers, not information-seekers—then Google is no longer the be-all and end-all of SEO. In fact, the biggest and most important platform is probably—the biggest ecommerce platform in US, and the go-to destination for consumers seeking particular products.

How Amazon is Like Craigslist

A handy reference point is Craigslist, the online destination of choice among used car buyers. If you’re looking up information about potential vehicles, trying to figure out which one is the best for you, you might use Google. But once you narrow it down and are ready to make a purchase, that’s when you head to Craigslist.

Amazon plays much the same role for a wide range of consumer products. You may use Google to do some due diligence, but when it’s time to buy, Amazon’s where it’s at. The implication for ecommerce brands? Your SEO endeavors should encompass Google, but they should also give you visibility on Amazon.

(By the way, it’s worth noting that Amazon Vehicles is slowly gaining momentum—so Craigslist may not be the only game in town much longer. This is something used car dealerships will definitely want to keep an eye on!)

Tips for Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is important, then—but how can it be achieved? Here are some Amazon SEO tips to keep in mind, courtesy of Sefati & Co’s Amazon SEO services.

    • Work with an expert to set up your Amazon store, ensuring that it’s developed with all the right keywords in place. Take the time to get your store set up properly the first time, and it will pay off in big Amazon SEO dividends down the road.
    • If you already have a store set up, consider an Amazon store audit. Get some Amazon SEO experts on the case, reviewing your store’s infrastructure and pointing out potential opportunities you might have missed.
    • Write product descriptions that have a big SEO impact. This is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure that your products land on the Amazon Top Products page, which is a highly coveted position. Our experts can help you craft product descriptions that fit the bill.
    • Don’t rest on your laurels! Amazon SEO is an ongoing pursuit, and you’ll want to be constantly reviewing your analytics and tweaking your strategy as necessary—just as you would if you were optimizing for Google or for Bing.

Hire an SEO Consultant Today

The bottom line: If you’re selling products on the Web, it’s vital that you make them easily discoverable by your customers. And that means making a real investment in SEO, for all the platforms that matter—including Amazon.

Sefati & Co is a leading Amazon SEO company, with ample experience helping ecommerce brands shine. We’d love to talk with you in depth about our Amazon SEO services, the Amazon SEO tools at your disposal, and the best ways for meeting your marketing goals.

Contact Sefati & Co today, and ask us more about the value of Amazon SEO!

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