Analytics ClarityWhen you invest big money in marketing your company—whether it’s a small business or a Fortune 500 enterprise—you obviously want to ensure a good return on investment. As such, guesswork just doesn’t cut it; business owners need real data to prove that they’re making progress and branding themselves effectively. While that data is readily available, it can be extremely difficult to interpret—which is why Analytics Clarity was founded in 2014.

At the time, the company sought to provide businesses with a good sense of what their online analytics was really saying—and what it meant for their marketing efforts more broadly. Though the company’s initial mission was scuttled, Analytics Clarity has re-launched for 2018, with a whole new list of services to help business owners and marketing professionals make informed, impactful decisions with their digital marketing dollars.

Analytics Clarity Brings Big Data, Hard Numbers

Analytics Clarity was founded by Al Sefati, a digital marketing professional with years of experience in PPC, enterprise SEO, and more. Sefati has staffed his new company with a team of equally seasoned, knowledgeable professionals—and now, they’re looking to help companies throughout Southern California leverage their data more effectively.

At its core, Analytics Clarity is a Google Analytics consulting company. Among its various services, the firm provides Google Analytics auditing—helping to ensure that the popular data resource is properly configured and customized for each client. Additionally, Sefati and his team help clients access and interpret their reports, and use the available information to guide their marketing decisions.

And Google Analytics is just the start. In the future, Sefati will expand the company’s service offerings to include social media analytics, Adobe data and reporting, and beyond. Analytics Clarity also has plans to create customized digital marketing dashboards and software for its clients and subscribers; more details will come later in 2018.

Digital Marketing Relies on Data

It is often said that marketing without analytics is like flying blind. Too many businesses waste time and resources because they’re not sure what their data is really telling them—but with the right guidance, this problem is totally avoidable.

Analytics Clarity exists to provide clear and decisive marketing guidelines—based not on instinct or feeling, but on real, hard numbers. It all starts with an initial consultation. To learn more about the role data can play in your marketing efforts, reach out to the Analytics Clarity team at your next convenience.