So in addition to getting my Adwords certification which I did back June this year I also BrightEdge Certified Professional I received my BrightEdge SEO Platform certification and that officially makes me BrightEdge Certified Professional.

What is BrightEdge?

BrightEdge is an enterprise level search engine optimization platform with heavy focus on analytics, content marketing, and project management that helps enterprise level marketing professionals (such as myself) to have compile and execute a comprehensive  SEO and content marketing campaign.

This is how BrightEdge defines their own platform:

The BrightEdge SEO platform enables marketing professionals to align & optimize content to improve business results from organic search traffic as measured by conversions and revenue. With the advent of secure search, Google’s ‘not provided’ and the impact of Google algorithm changes, search marketing now requires SEOs to work more closely with their content marketing colleagues to target demand, optimize content, and measure progress and results. (Read more on their  site

Why BrightEdge?

As an SEO expert I see SEO  trends are going more towards larger scale enterprise level. And this is why medium and larger companies use tools like BrightEdge. When it comes to larger more enterprise companies, it can be pretty complicated using smaller SEO tools (such as Moz or SEMRush) on basis so having one enterprise level platform will be a great investment. And BrightEdge is the leading platforms among all enterprise SEO platforms. As I mentioned, I have had plans on getting such enterprise levels certificates to further advance my career as an SEO professional. I also have the experiance to back it up as I was the in house SEO for Experian  and and have also worked for agencies with larger clients such as and Expedia.

What’s Next?

I’d like to capitalize on this so I can work with larger companies who take SEO more seriously and are willing to invest in it more.  As mentioned earlier, I have worked with a lot of large enterprises so I believe my diverse experiance and skills will be beneficial for them. Also certificates like this may help too which is why I am going to continue investing in them. Next one will be the competing enterprise platform SearchMetrics which I am trying to attend.

Enterprise SEO

With all the recent changes with Google, the old fashion methods SEO is pretty much useless. Companies need to be able to add value to the users and customers in order to stay ahead and enterprise level SEO is basically just doing that that. Enterprise SEO is combination of technical & product development and optimization, content promotion and marketing efforts that will help one to stay competitive in the search space.

Data Oriented Approach

SEOs today must have an data oriented approach to SEO and marketing in general. Part of SEO and marketing is art, because art communicates with people. But technology enables companies to keep track of data and I believe studying data is probably the most important task that there is for an SEO expert. This is why working with enterprise SEO tools can be helpful. Consulting with Analytics Clarity, I have personally seen how some detailed view on data can be beneficial for the websites. For example for one of the clients, we figured out that over 5% of their search traffic were going to error pages. Fixing that and reducing that number to less than 1% with a friendly 404 error page,  increased client  SEO traffic and conversion. It helped with organic traffic because we the redirected the PageRank flow back to the pages that exist and convert, hence we also increased in conversion.

Conversion Oriented Approach

SEO experts must studythe data in order to increase conversion. That is the ultimate goal of SEO; To increase traffic so you can increase conversion and revenue. So SEOs today should also be conversion experts. Lots of good articles and books available on this topic. Recent book I read about conversion was by Benji Rabhan and title of the book was “Convert Every Click” that was recommended to me by a friend who is also a conversion expert.


So this post turned from being a quick news of I becoming BrightEdge Certified Professional into modern enterprise SEO. But if you think about it, it is all related. BrightEdge is an modern enterprise SEO platform and larger companies are seeing the necessity in investing in such platform because SEO has changed.  SEOs today are marketers,  product experts, data scientists, conversion experts, technical and business savvy professionals that use all their combined knowledge and skills in order to serve their clients or employers to sustain and increase and develop business. The old model of SEO “hey I want to rank for this keyword” is very inefficient. So a more comprehensive approach to SEO is needed and those type of SEOs are a very few. I am proud to be among  those so feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding any of these.