Last month in September, we attended Share 17 by Enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge. The event took place in the Union Square San Francisco. As an enterprise SEO consulting firm, we are a BrightEdge certified and attend these conferences regularly. Many important search related topics came up by industry leaders. Some of those included rise of voice search, the importance of technical SEO, better content creation and planning and more. Below you’ll find our notes.

General SEO Notes

  • Your local search strategy can improve dramatically with very targeted local contentVoice Search Optimization
  • The rise of voice search due to the rise of mobile searches. 20% increase in voice search this year and 50% by 2020.
  • Content remains to be king in the world of SEO. $75B is spent on content marketing on average
  • Organic traffic continues to be the largest (or one of the largest) channels of traffic and client acquisition especially for e-commerce
  • SEO and Content Marketing have completely become one
  • SEO continues to offer new visitors and opportunities otherwise would not be found
  • Value of modern SEO is growing beyond just SEO being a channel. SEO needs to be considered or incorporated in all marketing channels as it impacts all
  • Good SEO strategy requires ongoing analysis data to get better insights. Data withoutinsights is useless
  • Use search data to understand personas
  • Drop the SEO title in your company, it is too limiting. True SEOs are very important and backbone of company’s marketing and tech infrastructure
  • 82% of B2B use search to find vendor or product they need. On average takes about 12 times to purchase (so don’t get discouraged and don’t just look at last click attribution)
  • Use SEO insights to understand customer and their journey to better cater your product and services. Do not just to optimize for customer, improve customer experience!
  • Develop content matrix for content creation and marketing
  • Website content shouldn’t be representative of who you are, but representative of who your customers are. Hence you must continue to adjust your website and its content to better cater to your clients
  • Simple content can be created from complex data and insights. So don’t be obsessed by how large your content is, but how effective it is
  • SEO driven content reaches and relates to a wider audience so consider SEO BEFORE creation of your content
  • Find out keyword conversion using paid channels before investing a lot of content to improve SEO
  • Continue to build relationships online to improve SEO
  • Look for quick wins in your SEO and content marketing campaigns
  • SEO is no longer about ranking it is to improve performance

SEO Content Tips

  • Integrated search marketing approach to become the new success story for commerce Content Marketing: Types of content
  • The 4 stages of e-commerce content:1- I want to know -> Blog
    2 – I want to do -> How to \ resource page
    3 – I want to go – > Locator
    4 – I want to buy – > Product category and detail pages
  • Incorporate all these forms of content to capture customers in all of buyer journey

Analytics & Reporting

Use Micro-moments to define micro success. Micro-moments are really micro-conversions (when user does something that will eventually lead to sale)

  • Hope is not a content strategy, a data oriented one is.
  • Google Analytics new interface allows for better understanding of data and it continues to improve
  • You can ask a question in Google Analytics and Google AI will answer you. For example, what was my organic traffic yesterday?
  • Look at Attribution modeling. Last click is dead.
  • Additional Google Tools:
    1-Google Trends
    2-Google Data Studio
    3-Google Consumer surveys
    4- Google Search Console now connects to data studio

How to Optimize for Quick Answers

  • Quick answers
  • Some brands seen more than 300% increase number of keywords by being in Google quick answer
  • How to achieve quick answer?
    1.Keywords in right context
    2. Schema meta data
    3. Use nouns
    4. Clearly define how-to list
    5. Implement SEO best practices
    6. Use Smart Content: No fluff
    7. Use contextual internal linking

Tech SEO

  • Adopt AMP – Most have benefited.
  • Adopt https – Most have benefited

How to Scale SEO

  • Depends on environment
  • Become SEO evangelist
  • Create Wikis

Future of SEO

  • Enterprise Level SEO
  • Holistic approach (not just keyword rankings)
  • Base of Digital Marketing
  • Internet of things
  • On-demand video content
  • Industry-specific content
  • Study funnels
  • Build relationships within and outside of your organization to scale SEO

We took a few pictures of the event that you can find on our Instagram. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about this event or the notes presented above.

Choosing the Best Enterprise SEO Platform For Your Organization

BrightEdge is an industry leader and among one of the best enterprise SEO tools but there are others. Each platform has its unique features and sometimes it may be difficult to choose which one is right for your organization. contact us  today and we can assist you in picking the right enterprise SEO platform that is right for your organization.