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Voice Search Will Grow in 2018 [Infographic]

by Al Sefati
Voice Search 2018

As we are the fast-approaching end of 2017, we have recently been creating a lot of content on what’s expected to come in 2018 by studying current trends and we believe consumers will continue to take utilize voice devices more in 2018 hence voice search optimization will continue to be a hot topic in 2018. […]

What Makes a Good Enterprise SEO Strategy?

by Al Sefati
Enterprise SEO Strategy

Enterprise SEO: It sounds like little more than a buzzword. Certainly, it is used by many different agencies, and with varying degrees of precision. Some of these agencies do truly offer enterprise SEO services while the others are simply using that buzzword to win big contracts. As a digital marketing leader or CMO, it’s important […]

Enterprise SEO in 2017

by Al Sefati
Enterprise SEO 2017

The State Of Enterprise SEO in 2017 One of the challenges that SEO presents is its fast-moving, ever-changing nature. There’s never been anything static about SEO, which is governed by trends and patterns that can turn on a dime. Those who work in the field must pause for regular temperature checks, ensuring they’re up on […]

BrightEdge Share 17 Notes – An Enterprise SEO Event

by Al Sefati
Share17 San Fransisco- Union Square

Last month in September, we attended Share 17 by Enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge. The event took place in the Union Square San Francisco. As an enterprise SEO consulting firm, we are a BrightEdge certified and attend these conferences regularly. Many important search related topics came up by industry leaders. Some of those included rise of voice search, […]

Link Building Strategy: Build Professional Relationships (and links will come)

by Al Sefati
link building professional relationship

A big part of search engine optimization is getting backlinks—that is, having other reputable sites link to your own. Backlinks have always been a critical component in Google’s search algorithms, signaling that your site is a trusted resource and therefore worthy of attention. Because of this, SEO companies have traditionally put a lot of emphasis […]

Search Experience Marketing Is Replacing SEO

by Al Sefati
SEO & Customer Journey Marketing

Search Experience Marketing may be a new digital marketing term you may have heard more often recently. For a long time, online marketing has effectively been dominated by SEO—where the benefits are numerous but the basic goal is fairly straightforward: Getting your website to rank so that it can be found by online search engine […]

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

by Al Sefati
Integrated online digital marketing

Increasingly, the conversation about online marketing is turning toward the concept of integration—specifically, of developing an integrated marketing strategy. Certainly, every business needs its own integrated marketing strategy, but exactly what does this mean, and what makes it so indispensable? Simply put, integrated digital marketing rests in the idea of cross-channel effectiveness—that is, in the […]

Why Outsourcing is Good – 5 Reasons Smart CMOs Choose Distributed Teams

by Al Sefati

There was a time when all the members of a professional team would work together in the same office—but the workplace is changing, and it’s changing fast. In today’s world, it is increasingly common to have distributed teams, including not only virtual employees but also vendors to whom you outsource key responsibilities. Thanks to major […]

Have You Considered App Store Integration?

by Al Sefati

For the last several years, we have heard repeatedly that Google is shifting its focus to mobile users. This is undeniably true, as countless Google algorithmic updates will attest. Today, the sites that are optimized to be found on mobile devices are the ones that tend to fare the best from a rankings perspective, and […]

From 3-Pack to 2-Pack: A Big Change to Local Search Listings

by Al Sefati
Google maps local seo

Try this sometime: Conduct a search for a local business type—say, plumbers or used car dealerships. What Google will provide you with is a trio of search results, a 3-pack of listings for businesses in close proximity to your current location. This 3-pack arrangement of local search listings has been around for a while now—though […]