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Free SEO Checklists [2018 Edition]

by Al Sefati
Master the Basics of SEO. Start with Our Free SEO Checklist.

Master The Basics of SEO It’s simply not an option for companies to ignore the important role search engines play in consumer decision-making. Before coming to any sort of purchasing decision, consumers will do online research—and if your content doesn’t appear within this research, you’ve almost surely lost that customer to your competition. Yet search […]

Top 10 Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

by Al Sefati
Restaurant local seo and marketing tips

It’s easy—and common—for restaurant owners to neglect the importance of local SEO. What they forget is that when tourists come to town and need to find a place to grab a meal, Google’s local search listings are typically the first line of research; and that even locals depend on Google to help them discover new […]