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Free SEO Checklists [2018 Edition]

by Al Sefati
Master the Basics of SEO. Start with Our Free SEO Checklist.

Master The Basics of SEO It’s simply not an option for companies to ignore the important role search engines play in consumer decision-making. Before coming to any sort of purchasing decision, consumers will do online research—and if your content doesn’t appear within this research, you’ve almost surely lost that customer to your competition. Yet search […]

Notes from the 2018 Advanced Search Summit in Napa

by Al Sefati
Advanced Search Summit NAPA Valley 2018

Nearly two weeks we attended 2018 Advanced Search Summit in Napa, California and it was an unforgetful event. The fact that this Search (and social) conference was held in the beautiful wine country of NAPA, the agenda, as well as networking made this event extra memorable. Lot’s of good topics were discussed, and between networking, […]

Status of Enterprise SEO in 2018

by Al Sefati
Enterprise SEO 2018

For the last couple of years, we have been defining and re-defining enterprise SEO because of the changes to the SEO industry. We know that Search Engines such as Google keep making changes and those changes impact businesses of all sizes. Hence field of SEO is ever changing How Do We Approach Enterprise SEO For […]

What is Enterprise Search Marketing?

by Al Sefati
What is Enterprise Search Marketing

In the past, we have defined enterprise SEO and its application, but as search engine marketing arena changes due to consumer demand and user behaviors, in 2018, we’d like to focus on border view on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing that adopts an integrated approach.  In 2018 and beyond, for brands to remain competitive, it’s vital that […]

Google AdWords Quality Score Optimization Tips

by Al Sefati
Adwords Quality Score Tips

Google Adwords Quality Score In 2008, Google rolled out a new AdWords system called Quality Score, used to determine the ranking of paid ads. Quality Score soon became the standard for Google AdWords optimization, along with its focus on keyword relevance. Quality Score is used to determine the cost per click (CPC), and it’s multiplied […]

How to Compete With Amazon on Google Adwords

by Al Sefati

Amazon is the largest “product search engine” in the US, even bigger than Google. That means when it comes to searching for products, many users go to Amazon directly instead of Google however Amazon is still the largest Advertiser onGoogle.  Amazon ads also convert well so there is a thing or two google advertisers can learn […]

What to Look for in Ecommerce SEO Services

by Al Sefati
What to Look for in Ecommerce SEO Services

More and more retail transactions happen online, which is good news if you happen to have your own ecommerce store—and yet, it’s important to note that products don’t sell themselves, and an e-commerce site isn’t guaranteed to be successful just because it fits into this general consumer trend. In fact, to make an ecommerce site […]

Sefati Consulting to Open Offices in San Diego and Los Angeles

by Al Sefati
San Diego vs Los Angeles

Sefati Consulting is a company that offers peerless enterprise SEO consulting services—something that’s both highly technical and highly creative in nature. Moreover, and more relevant to today’s announcement, it’s highly personal. Sefati tailors its services to meet the needs of each individual client, which of course means getting to know those clients in detail. New […]

Basics of Data Analysis

by Al Sefati
Data Analysis & Analytics

Data Analysis model isn’t only limited to digital data analysis but all business related data. A proper data analysis will require initial assessment, strategic planning, modeling, and reporting. Let’s review each individually. Initial Assessment and Strategic Planning Virtually all businesses can benefit from data analysis but many businesses still do not understand the power of data. Most […]

Search Experience Marketing Is Replacing SEO

by Al Sefati
SEO & Customer Journey Marketing

Search Experience Marketing may be a new digital marketing term you may have heard more often recently. For a long time, online marketing has effectively been dominated by SEO—where the benefits are numerous but the basic goal is fairly straightforward: Getting your website to rank so that it can be found by online search engine […]