I am constantly trying to update my digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills by reading a set of tutorials, ebooks, or a book. The month of May I decided to do things a little differently and start studying in order to be certified. I reviewed the google partner study guide for adwords certification in order to be certified. Up to this point, I didn’t really need it even though I have done Adwords for so many years. What made me think about getting my adwords and other google partner certificates was so I am able to bid on projects that require it. I have already passed the first exam which was “advertising fundamentals” now I have to pass the other one to be certified.

I am intending to keep going after that and get a few more more certifications maybe an SEO certification too mainly to give myself the leverage to bid on the future larger projects. But that probably won’t happen for another couple months. Before that I will look into getting Google Analytics certification as with the “big data” problem, more and more companies seem to be interested in analyzing and understanding their data in order to improve their marketing campaigns and other business processes.

So the goal is to be certified for Google Awords, Analytics, and SEO for next few months. Then I will probably take on a few more certifications after that but it is also important to remember that while being certified maybe good, at the end of the day, the only that matter is it is the “result”!