How to Compete With Amazon on Google Adwords

Amazon is the largest “product search engine” in the US, even bigger than Google. That means when it comes to searching for products, many users go to Amazon directly instead of Google however Amazon is still the largest Advertiser onGoogle.  Amazon ads also convert well so there is a thing or two google advertisers can learn from Amazon!

Amazon’s PPC advertising secret?

Amazon’s secret is simply their business model. It is highly effective that helps them dominate but their AdWords strategy is also very solid. According to data from SEMRush and CPC Strategy as well as our own data here at Sefati Consulting, we have observed Amazon’s AdWords strategy to be the following:

  • Amazon focuses on profitable products
  • Amazon focuses on products with high conversion rate
  • Amazon focuses on popular products & categories
  • Amazon has different bidding strategies on desktop vs mobile
  • Amazon puts less focus on ad-copy and more on landing page experience and reviews (bids on products with better reviews)
  • Amazon is less aggressive with PLA biding and more aggressive with branded ads

How to Compete With Amazon in Search

Amazon’s has been leading online advertiser when it comes to search engine paid search ads. We expect that Amazon also to remain the strongest Adwords in 2018 and continue to grow. Most brands and e-commerce sites simply can’t compete with Amazon’s budget, strong online presence, and Amazon’s brand trust. However, the good news is that don’t have to!

Competing directly compete with Amazon is still possible in some areas, for example identifying the products where Amazon isn’t profitable so they will be less aggressive advertising there. Also focusing on providing a localized experience to customers, something that Amazon cannot do as well. In other words, bidding locally and optimizing local SEO can give businesses a competitiveAmazon Optimization edge over Amazon. Understanding what products Amazon doesn’t offer, cannot offer, etc is another good strategy and lastly, using an integrated search marketing approach that leverage power of local SEO, AdWords, Bing PPC, search display and retargeting to help your online brand grow.

Do You Really Have to Compete With Amazon?

There is a saying; if you can’t beat them, join them! Many e-commerce sites have joined Amazon and they are also selling on Amazon in addition to selling on their own sites. Some have actually shifted their entire paid marketing efforts to Amazon and solely focus on SEO for their own e-commerce sites. Doing so, their sales have increased while their overhead costs have decreased. Amazon spends so many resources into fine-tuning Amazon’s website and keeping Amazon’s customers happy (for example Amazon prime) and Amazon keeps coming up with innovative features that other shopping carts and custom e-commerce sites can’t simply keep up with.  If you are an eCommerce site and you’re not selling on Amazon, you’re missing on exposures to many shoppers that don’t even know you exist since many shoppers go to Amazon directly for product search. In the world of marketing, we call this piggyback marketing, which in this case is leveraging Amazon’s strong brand equity and customer trust to build your own brand and grow your online business.

If you need help with your ecommerce SEO, paid search, or Amazon marketing efforts, then we can help. Contact us today. eCommerce and Amazon optimization and marketing is our core expertise and we can help your online business grow just like we have with our clients.