Ecommerce SEO Services

More and more retail transactions are occurring online—a boon for ecommerce stores. Before you can rake in those online sales, however, you first need to make sure your ecommerce store can be found by the right consumers—and that’s not something that happens by accident. It happens only through a real investment in ecommerce SEO, and a soundly executed strategy. That’s something we are pleased to offer here at Sefati Consulting Group.

The Sefati team offers ecommerce SEO services that span everything from the initial consultation to the execution to the reporting and analytics—always emphasizing data to prove that we’re getting results on your behalf. Learn more about our approach to ecommerce SEO.

1. Technical SEO for eCommerce

The technical element of ecommerce SEO is essential for making your online store findable among consumers. Our areas of focus include:

  • Meta data
  • Page speed
  • Fixing 404 errors
  • HTTPs (SSL) and crawler errors
  • Implementing schema mark ups
  • Other cutting-edge SEO technologies, such as AMP and other trendy techniques

2.Content SEO for eCommerce

Our ecommerce SEO services also entail careful attention to your on-site content, where we seize every opportunity for optimization. This includes:

  • Following the 80/20 rule of content development
  • Optimizing product pages, sub-category and category pages, then high-level pages
  • Ensuring strong calls to action that make your page not only effective to search algorithms, but also to actual shoppers

3. UX and Conversion Optimization for eCommerce

A big part of SEO is ensuring that consumers have a delightful experience on your site—which helps with rankings but also turns your store into an online sales generator. As an ecommerce SEO company, we take user experience and conversion optimization seriously—including:

  • Fast checkouts
  • Responsive design
  • Page speed
  • Prominent calls to action
  • Total ease of use, from start to finish

4. eCommerce Reports and Analytics

Our team wants to prove that we’re getting results at every step of the way, and to take advantage of all available data to ensure our strategies are fine-tuned and effective. We are happy to offer our clients monthly reporting to show our progress, and to help lay out a road map for the future.

5. Project Management

Our ecommerce SEO services are guided by the SMART approach, meaning we set specific, measurable, realistic, and timely goals. And, we always communicate our progress to the client. Monthly meetings are just one way in which we make two-way communication a top priority.

Get Ecommerce SEO Services from Sefati Consulting Group

For your online store to be successful, it first needs to be found by your target buyers. This is where ecommerce SEO comes into play. As a leading ecommerce SEO company, our team will help you rise in visibility and turn your Web-based store into a true online sales machine.

Start moving the sales needle—and climbing the Google rankings—today. Reach out to the ecommerce SEO experts at Sefati Consulting Group right now.