What is Enterprise Search Marketing?

What is Enterprise Search Marketing?
In the past, we have defined enterprise SEO and its application, but as search engine marketing arena changes due to consumer demand and user behaviors, in 2018, we’d like to focus on border view on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing that adopts an integrated approach.  In 2018 and beyond, for brands to remain competitive, it’s vital that they be easily discoverable by search engine users. Of course, this involves a heavy focus on search engine optimization (SEO)—but that’s not all. A truly effective strategy encompasses the entirety of the consumer’s search experience, from the initial research phase through the point of decision. And, it involves more than just organic SEO; PPC ads, for instance, help canvas the search results page and enhance brand visibility even further.

This big-picture view is called search marketing, and it’s gradually replacing the more limited focus on just SEO. Search marketing is relevant to all businesses, but it’s especially noteworthy for bigger companies. Search marketing, when conducted on behalf of a large brand (say, Fortune 1000-size), is called enterprise search marketing—but what exactly does this category include?

What Does Enterprise Search Marketing Involve?

When we talk about enterprise search marketing, we’re essentially talking about SEO and PPC at an enterprise level. Some key points about this field:

  • At the enterprise level, PPC spending tends to be massive; in some cases, it totals millions of dollars each year in highly targeted Google and/or Bing Ads.
  • Large companies tend to have large websites, which means both SEO and PPC are more complicated—simply because there are more content, more products, and more services to promote.
  • Because of the sheer scope of enterprise PPC efforts, automation is absolutely critical.
  • Meanwhile, enterprise SEO departments tend to use robust tools and strategies. (What is enterprise SEO? Learn more about it in this post!)
  • Enterprise search marketing looks at the user’s entire journey—not merely at the last click credit.
  • Data and analytics are extremely important here; due to the scope and expense of enterprise search marketing, everything needs to be justified by an obvious data point.
  • User and customer testing are critical for fine-tuning and perfecting strategy.
  • Likewise, project management and planning are musts—again, just think about the scope here.

Getting Started with Enterprise Search Marketing

The end result of a good enterprise search marketing campaign? A high level of visibility throughout the consumer search journey. But of course, this doesn’t happen by accident. To learn more about the field of enterprise search marketing, or to seek assistance in developing your own enterprise-level strategy, reach out to the pros at Sefati Consulting Group right away!