The State Of Enterprise SEO in 2017

One of the challenges that SEO presents is its fast-moving, ever-changing nature. There’s never been anything static about SEO, which is governed by trends and patterns that can turn on a dime. Enterprise SEO 2017Those who work in the field must pause for regular temperature checks, ensuring they’re up on the latest strategies, aware of what’s working and what isn’t.

But what can be said about the overall state of enterprise SEO in 2017? It’s a big topic, but in this post, we’ll seek to offer some general points and considerations.

SEO Spending in 2017

Let’s start with a budget. How much does the average enterprise spend on its SEO initiatives? According to our research, the overwhelming majority of companies spend in excess of $5,000 monthly on enterprise SEO, though there are plenty of outliers at either end of the spectrum. A large part of it depends on the size of the company. Still, it’s clear that a lot of marketing dollars are being channeled into enterprise SEO.

Where Do Enterprise SEOs Focus Their Efforts?

Something else that’s important for understanding enterprise SEO in 2017: Where are enterprise SEOs actually directing their focus? Which activities are most significant?

We’d break enterprise SEO work into four basic categories—technical SEO, content development, traffic analysis, and link building. According to our research, technical SEO is where the most attention is given, while link building is deemed the lowest priority. The spread is really pretty even, though, as all four activities matter to the broader work of enterprise SEO.

What are the Big Issues in Enterprise SEO?

Another question to consider: What are some of the most significant issues shaping enterprise SEO in 2017? What are the problems or opportunities that SEOs are grappling with right now?

Interestingly enough, our research shows that content development is a key area of struggle for enterprise SEOs, followed by mobile readiness, user experience, and accommodations for voice search. This last one, we believe, could be the defining issue of the coming years, as voice search is only becoming more prominent over time.

What’s Working in Enterprise SEO?

It’s also important to consider which strategies are really demonstrating the best results for enterprise SEOs. Our research indicates that technical on-site optimization gets the highest vote of confidence—followed by:

  • User experience optimization
  • Evergreen content creation and optimization
  • Highly Targeted Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • On-Page SEO
  • Mobile optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Link-building

How Big are Enterprise SEO Teams?

A final point about enterprise SEO to address: How big is the average enterprise SEO team in 2017?

Our finding is that it averages to be somewhere between two and five members, though again, there’s a big spread here, simply depending on the size of the enterprise itself. This includes on-page experts, content creation experts, PR and off-page expert. They often use enterprise SEO tools for better tracking and reporting and more accurate insights.

Mastering Enterprise SEO in 2017

As you seek to understand where SEO is—and where it’s going—reach out to the trained experts. Sefati Consulting Group can help you wrap your head around the latest trends, and to choose your strategy wisely. Contact out to our enterprise SEO experts today.