Difference Between Google Analytics Standard vs. Google Analytics 360

Difference Between Google Analytics Standard vs. Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics is the most common web analytics tools used by the majority of small and large businesses. Google Analytics comes in two flavors known as Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics 360 formerly known as Google Analytics Premium.

Google Analytics Standard is the free version and it has been around since 2005 and Google continues to improve it. It is an excellent web analytics tool for small and large businesses. Google Analytics 360 is a paid version of the same tool which unlocks additional features, tools, and benefits. The code base of both platforms are the same but there are little visible differences in terms of User Interface and a visible number of differences in terms of capabilities, features and reports which will be elaborate a little more in this post.

So, what exactly are the differences between Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360?

Pricing – One is free and one is costs over 150K a year. Google Analytics 360 pricing depends on the volume of website hits (not user traffic). The first tier allows up to a billion hits a month and starting prices for that starts a $150,000 per year. The Standard Google Analytics is, of course, free, but businesses are only given up to 10 million hits per month and if they exceed that limit, there are more chances of data inaccuracy. Also, Google will alert those businesses with some options including upgrading to Google Analytics 360.

Support – Google Analytics standard has  virtually no support. Marketers and analysts often rely on Google’s manual and help pages online, online communities, Google Analytics blogs and third-party Google Analytic Consulting sites like Analytics Clarity. But Google Analytics 360 comes with dedicated support, an account manager along with an enterprise service-level agreement (SLA), and formal training. For many large organizations, these are important benefits that make subscribing to Google Analytics 360 well worth it.

Limits – Google Analytics 360 offers much higher limits than the free version. Some of these include hit (as mentioned earlier),  more custom dimensions, more reports, and more external data import ability.

Sampling – Most important feature of Google Analytics 360 is that there is no sampling of your data. At the enterprise level, sampling data can be a big problem so to get real accurate data, Google Analytics 360 offers raw unsampled data. The free version, as commonly known, samples data which may not a big deal for smaller businesses and organizations, but for enterprise organizations that own or have the potential of collecting lots of valuable and crucial data, sampling won’t be a wise option.

Features –  There are many other features that are only available with the Google Analytics 360 that are most applicable to larger enterprises. Features such as data-driven attribution modeling to measure the impact of integrated digital marketing channels which can provide better insights on the last click vs. first click behavior. Understanding such insights better helps with enterprise digital marketing efforts. Google also likes to provide latest and greatest new features for Google Analytics 360 users first.

Integration – The ability to integrate with other apps beyond Google Search Console or Adwords, and connecting with other third-party platforms such as DoubleClick and BigQuery, both of which are commonly utilized to larger enterprises.

There you have it! An overview of the differences between Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics 360. Should have any questions regarding this post or need help identifying which solution is right for your organization, feel free contact us anytime.

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