How to Optimize Google AdWords Quality Score [Infographic]

How to Optimize Google AdWords Quality Score

We are SEO advocates here at Sefati Consulting Group but we understand that running paid ads and pay per click campaigns such as AdWords campaigns are necessary to grow your brand online hence we often use PPC as part of our search experience marketing strategy and services. Working with various enterprise level clients, our data also confirms that investing in AdWords and PPC can help your help your SEO growth indirectly. It is true that paying for ads don’t directly correlate to your SEO boost, but they do help your online search visibility hence those of our clients that are running some sort of paid campaign have seen a boost in their organic traffic especially on branded terms. Therefore our recommendation to our clients is not to lose sight on AdWords but among many other things, optimize your Adwords campaigns to improve quality score in order to improve performance and keeping the costs as low as possible.

How do you improve your quality score?

As mentioned in a blog post we wrote last December on optimizing quality score for AdWords, Google doesn’t officially release all of their secret sauce, but Google does mention that your ads need to be relevant. In the infographic below, we detail out what that relevancy means and what to do. There are three types of tips; Basic, Advanced, and our some insider tips that we have learned on our own over the years by looking at data.

Google AdWords Quality Score Optimization Tips

Google AdWords Quality Score Optimization Tips Summary

Basic Tips

  • Targeted PPC Keywords must be relevant to the ad copy
  • Ad copy should include targeted keywords
  • Landing pages should contain target keywords prominently

Advanced Tips 

  • Improve Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Improve Landing Page User Experience
  • Bid on High impressions Keywords.
  • AdWords Activity Is Important. We see more active accounts do better for quality score. 

Additional Insider Tips 

  • UseAd Extension and update regularly
  • Campaign Structure is important. Single\little keywords are important
  • Goals and Micro Conversions. Set Micro Conversions in adwords, better conversion may result in better quality score

Not clear or you have any questions about any of the adwords tips and information above? Contact us!

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