How Startup Entrepreneurs Can Use SEO & Social Media for Business Development

How Startup Entrepreneurs Can Use SEO & Social Media for Business Development
Ask any entrepreneur what SEO and social media are good for and they’ll likely give you a simple answer: marketing. To be sure, these digital outreach channels are primarily helpful for expanding your company’s reach and generating more conversions. But have you ever considered that these channels can also be meaningful avenues for research? Specifically, SEO and social media can be helpful to entrepreneurs looking to do either product or business development.

In this post, we’ll offer just a few of the ways in which an SEO and social media company can help you invest in research for your business.

Using SEO and Social Media for Product Development

Keyword Research to Identify Demand

There are a number of SEO keyword research tools out there, and these can be helpful to you as you try to chart the demand for a particular product or service. Consider: When people are searching for a product to solve a problem they’re facing, they type what they’re looking for into Google. Through keyword research, entrepreneurs can learn what people are searching for and use the findings to gauge demand for a product or service idea.

Competitor Research

Another potential angle is to use search research tools to identify local competitors; to determine which of those competitors are truly local, and to determine just how big they are. Again, basic keyword research tools can be a good starting point here.

Social Media Research

Don’t forget the “social” in social media! Use your company’s Facebook or Twitter accounts to go directly to your customers, asking them for their feedback, their ideas, or their opinions on new ideas that you have. You can also use Facebook groups to find people with interests that align with your company, and see what other products or services they’ve shown an interest in.

Online Review Sites

Read your own reviews, or those of competitors, to see where you can provide a better product or service. Yelp, Google, and Facebook can all be helpful information sources here.


Finally, look at your traffic numbers. See which products or services your followers are most engaged with and consider ways to both optimize those pages and also use them as jumping-off points for new product or service ideas.

Learn More About How SEO and Social Media Can Aid Your Business Research

To be clear, we absolutely believe that SEO and social media are useful for marketing purposes, first and foremost—but that’s really just one side of the coin. To ensure you’re using them for all they are worth, consider them for business and product development purposes, as well.

To learn more, reach out to Sefati Digital. We’ve spent more than a decade learning the ins and outs of online marketing, and are ready to show you how these channels can be used for business development. Start the process by contacting Sefati Digital today.

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