It’s finally 2018. So Is SEO Dead Yet?

I find myself writing a blog post like this every once defending the SEO profession and SEO community. This is because so I thought I share state and future of SEO in 2018 from my perspective, having practiced SEO for over 12 years and seeing how it has changed over time.  

Is SEO Really Dead?

The quick answer is NO but a more elaborate answer ally relies on how you define SEO. If SEO is gaming Google’s algorithms by artificially ranking keywords by getting around their guidelines then SEO is almost dead. There are very few old tricks that may be still working and it is just matter of time for Google to catch up to those too. In addition to algorithm updates and manual actions Google’s machine learning took off in 2017 and will become even more advanced in 2018, hence making it very difficult to game Google algorithm and continue ranking for competative keywords artificially. However, if your view of SEO isn’t gaming the system but working with the system, then SEO is actually growing.

It’s finally 2018. IS SEO Dead?

Future of SEO in 2018 and Beyond

SEO in 2018 and beyond is no longer about tricking Google and hacking its algorithm but SEO in the modern era means optimizing your website and its content and all of your other web properties for better search engine visibility and to serve your users and customers for an idea search experience.

An Ideal SEO Goal For 2018

We have had a couple of blog posts discussing trends and SEO strategies for 2018; The top SEO trends in 2018 discussed trends on technical and non-technical SEO and the infographic about technical SEO for 2018 discussed the technical trends for SEO that will be important in 2018. But these posts were focused on techniques and trends and not an SEO goal. A good SEO goal for 2018 would be that you should create content and optimize it for the consumer decision journey steps making sure your website and content are prominent at every step of that journey.  This type of enterprise SEO approach is what larger companies such as Amazon and Walmart adopt and that’s why continue to be successful online. But you don’t have to be a fortune 500 company to adopt enterprise SEO tactics but have enough vision to see your business as one of the key influencers in your industry.

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