Notes from the 2018 Advanced Search Summit in Napa

Nearly two weeks we attended 2018 Advanced Search Summit in Napa, California and it was an unforgetful event. The fact that this Search (and social) conference was held in the beautiful wine country of NAPA, the agenda, as well as networking made this event extra memorable.

Lot’s of good topics were discussed, and between networking, wine tasting, and enjoying the beautiful NAPA, we took some notes, below is our notes that we’d like to share. Feel free to contact us should you have questions regarding each.

Enterprise Local SEO Strategies

  1. Understand the Local Ads Ecosystem
    • How they impact local SEO visibility
    • Why you may want to invest in local ads
    • Not all verticals have the same number of ads or have local ads at all, so it’s important to check your industry norms
  2.  Mobile Local Pack Ads are staying in Google

Local SEO Checklist

  • What are your KPIs?
  • Understand outcomes
  • Consider the local SERP
  • Schema opportunities
  • Have a plan for duplicates
  • Have a plan for reviews
  • Define workflow and dedication (who owns the local data and can make changes)

LinkedIn Domination

  • Profile Optimization
  • Turn off side people
  • Background picture should be something relevant to you
  • The profile picture should be selected wisely
  • Keyword-stuff Profiles, Job Titles, and Job Description. Include brands you have worked with, even if you don’t work for them directly.
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Add skills (they are like tags). Max out!
  • Customize as best you can
  • Build your network. The bigger your network, the more visibility you’ll have!
  • Daily Process:
    • Collect stats
    • Invite response
    • Impose a hard limit of 30K connections
    • View their profiles
    • Target 2nd Connections
    • Respond to your inbox

Facebook Advertising

  • The hype is real!
  • 93 percent of marketers are on board
  • Be laser targeted
  • Instagram alone has 2 million active advertisers
  • Don’t Stack Facebook Ads vs. Google, Google wins (even though it’s so expensive)
  • Don’t look at Facebook & Instagram as an upper funnel
  • You can use Facebook for other important things such as recruiting, lead generation, etc.
  • With social media, you are bidding on demographics (not keywords)
  • The call to action is super important
  • STOP INTEREST TARGETING! Do demographic targeting instead. Too much interest targeting gets you junk.
  • Lookalike audiences are best (off original email list or based on website traffic)
  • Segment your emails, create different retargeting.
  • Landing pages should be awesome.
  • More people fill out forms on FB, but they forget. Push traffic to land pages.

Enterprise SEO Reputation Management

  • Most enterprises have negative reviews they want to be cleaned up
  • Don’t forget image ranking!
  • Use emails to generate reviews
  • Don’t optimize only your website, but also other web properties

Migrations Are Stressful

  • Who is involved? Find out who owns the migration, then try to be friends with them.
  • For data gathering and auditing, SEMRush does a good job on smaller sites. Deepcrawl is better for larger sites.
  • Get backlink data from Majestic, Ahrefs, LinkResearchTools. Backlink data can hint at issues.
  • PageLevel Data: Traffic, bounce rate, load speed, and conversion are all important.
  • Do a one-time audit of the basics.
  • Set up automated alerting tools for post-launch.

Influencer Marketing

  • Focus on thought leaders and high-authority users
  • This matters for SEO, talking with investors, branded search
  • Look into retro retargeting tactics:

Analytics for SEO Experimentation

  • Classic keyword research doesn’t work for big sites.
  • More than 20 percent of search queries are new queries so we don’t know exactly what people are searching for.
  • eCommerce Metrics & Marketing ROI
  • Priorities include:
  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Customer Lifestyle Value
  • Average Order Value
  • Return on Investment
  • Budgets and Revenues

Google Analytics

Data visualization is all about using data to tell a story. Show what’s going on with visuals, then share analysis:

  • Define Audience
  • Create Hypothesis
  • Get Data
  • Explore
  • Tell a Story
  • Stay away from over-visualization—e.g., too many graphics
  • Use data studio for better visualization

Priorities for International SEO include

  • Content
  • Localization
  • Local Links
  • International outreach

Of course, we admit the notes are incomplete and don’t cover all the topics that were discussed. Forntually, you can find all the conference slides here.

We also took some pictures from the event that we put on our Instagram account.

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