Our Rates

As an enterprising SEO and digital marketing agency, we reject a one-size-fits-all mentality for SEO and digital marketing packages, nor do we charge our clients a commission of a percentage of their digital ad budget.

However, this topic does come up quite a bit, and we like to be transparent with our clients about how we bill them. Our clients pay for our time and expertise, and therefore for many of them, we charge an hourly fee. However, for clients who can commit to a monthly retainer and longer contracts, we offer a better rate.

Hourly Fees: Our hourly fees start at $100 per hour for most SEO and digital projects. Some projects, such as complex data science projects or web applications, may require an hourly rate that is slightly higher.

Monthly Retainers: Clients who commit to our monthly retainer contracts can get the best value for their dollar. These clients also take priority in fulfillment, as we can better allocate resources for their digital marketing needs.

Below is a snapshot of our estimated monthly retainers:

MonthlyHoursHourly Rate
$1,50016$95 ph
$3,00033$90 ph
$5,00050$85 ph
$10,000125$80 ph
$15,000+200+$75 ph

All retainer contracts require a minimum commitment of 90 days and will renew automatically at the end of the 90 days on a month-to-month basis unless the client provides a written cancellation notice 30 days in advance. (Of course, most of our retainer clients are so happy with us that they keep renewing their contracts. Read our testimonials to see for yourself!)

Important Note: The above rates are a rough estimate only and are not legally binding. They are subject to change based on project complexity and resource availability.

If you are a potential client and are unsure what digital marketing rate is best for you and your business, we recommend you schedule a 15-minute call with us so we can better understand what you are looking for, in order for our talented team to help you achieve your marketing goals.