Search Experience Marketing

Search Experience Marketing: Integrated Search Marketing

In order to drive traffic and convert leads, it’s vital for your brand to have high visibility throughout the sales journey. You need an authoritative presence among consumers who are just beginning their research process; amid those who have reached their final purchasing decision; and everywhere in between. To ensure this broad presence, a deep marketing toolkit is needed—and an integrative search marketing strategy provides it.

Sefati Consulting Group is proud to provide an all-encompassing, holistic approach to the search experience. We have provided integrated search marketing services to many major brands, including Fortune 1000 enterprises, and our expertise dates back more than a decade.

In short, we will work with your brand to put together a data-driven and comprehensive approach—ensuring your brand is prominent at each and every stage of the consumer journey.

About Our Integrated Search Marketing Services

Our integrated search/search experience marketing services include a holistic blend of the following:

  • Paid search. A targeted PPC campaign will ensure that you blanket the SERP and that your brand is well-known to those in your desired consumer demographic.
  • Local SEO. With a mixture of technical and content strategies, we can ensure prominence among those buyers in your local market and strong organic search visibility.
  • Organic SEO. In conjunction with PPC, organic SEO allows you to canvas the SERP, and truly stand out as the brand of choice.
  • Online reputation management. ORM provides you with the tools and strategies to manage online ratings, reviews, and news headlines.
  • Search retargeting. Keep your brand visible to consumers even after they visit your website or make a purchase.

Taken individually, each of these disciplines represents a meaningful way to enhance your online standing, drive traffic, and convert sales. When you put them together, all aligned to core goals and driven by analytics and data, that’s when you can truly see your online marketing efforts move the sales needle.

Search Experience Marketing from Sefati Consulting Group

Sefati Consulting Group provides just such an approach. We base everything we do in data and analytics, target our strategies to your goals, and provide clear, transparent reporting at every step of the way. We are eager to leverage our search experience marketing skills on your brand’s behalf.

To begin establishing your authority at each stage of the consumer journey, contact Sefati Consulting Group today, and ask about integrative search marketing.