Sefati & Co Adds Digital Transformation Consulting Services for Marketing Agencies

Technology changes at a breakneck pace. Its persistent evolution opens many doors and supplies a number of options to business owners, advertisers, and marketers. However, it also presents some challenges. Keeping pace with changing technology can sometimes feel like a full-time job unto itself, and many businesses feel as though they’re just barely treading water.

Digital Transformation
Offering Digital Transformation Consulting Services for Branding & Marketing Agencies

The field of digital transformation was conceived to assist companies in utilizing the latest, most robust technology, allowing them to do their work more efficiently. Sefati & Co is proud to offer a new digital transformation consulting service, specifically helping branding and marketing agencies who want to ensure a technological edge.

What is Digital Transformation?

Essentially, digital transformation involves the use of cutting-edge, rapidly changing technologies to solve problems and improve efficiencies. Digital transformation is particularly focused on cloud-based computing, which allows businesses to scale back their reliance on physical servers and hard drives.

Some of these cloud-based options exist to streamline the use of existing software suites; for example, many of the top research and project management tools available now are 100 percent based on cloud technology.

These cloud-based, often subscription-centric services empower marketing and advertising teams to automate, innovate, collaborate, and work more efficiently than ever before, all while reducing technological overhead. At the same time, there are some inherent challenges with keeping pace with changing technologies, and with ensuring that these tools are leveraged as effectively as possible.

That’s where a digital transformation consultant can be invaluable; Sefati & Co is proud to offer this unique service.

Our Approach to Digital Transformation Consulting

Again, our focus will be on partnering with other marketing agencies. We’ll help them adapt to the new areas of cloud computing, and specifically cloud-based automated reporting, by uniquely auditing their current processes and proposing the best options that meet their needs and allow them to be competitive.

Sefati & Co has some unique experience that enables us to provide this service. On the one hand, we have an extensive background in technology, which ensures that we can speak to cloud computing options with a high level of expertise. At the same time, we have been involved in digital marketing and SEO for more than a decade; indeed, we are a leading consultancy in the fields of enterprise SEO, local SEO, and franchise SEO.

All that’s just to say that we understand the pain points that other marketing teams face; we speak their language and share their vantage point, and that allows us to propose digital transformation services that we know will be genuinely helpful.

It’s also important for us to note that, as a digital transformation firm, we’re committed to providing our clients with custom solutions, not cookie-cutter methodologies. We don’t want to impose new technologies on our clients, just for the sake of being flashy or new. Rather, we want to get to know your objectives and help you locate the digital transformations that will be most meaningful to your bottom line.

Learn More About Digital Transformation Consulting

Sefati & Co is a leading digital marketing consulting agency in Orange County,  Southern California but serving clients across the country. If you have any outstanding questions about the nature or importance of digital transformation, we’d welcome you to contact us at your next opportunity.

Author: Al Sefati

Al Sefati is an enterprise SEO and search marketing expert and the founder of Sefati & Company. Al works with marketing agencies and enterprise level clients and he is in charge of forming and monitoring their SEO and SEM strategies. Al blogs often about latest SEO, SEM and digital marketing trends and tactics.