Sefati & Co Announces New Focus on SEO Audits and Strategy

Sefati & Co announces a new focus and an emphasis on providing clients with SEO audits and strategies.  What is the goal? To provide each client with the blueprint they need to achieve online breakthroughs.

It’s never been more challenging for businesses to cut through the clatter and noise of the digital landscape, announcing themselves to local audiences and connecting directly with their buyers.Sefati Company Building

At Sefati & Co, our job is helping companies establish the SEO best practices needed to transcend the commotion and speak authoritatively to their value proposition. To help us better serve clients in this way, we’d like to announce a small shift in our company’s focus. Moving forward, Sefati & Co will place a greater emphasis on the value of SEO auditing, which allows us to put our finger to the pulse of the client’s digital outreach efforts and show them some opportunities for improvement. We’ve performed these audits for countless companies and the results have always been more than worthwhile, giving each client a blueprint for practical improvement to their online outreach.

In addition to this shift toward auditing, we’re also emphasizing our role in shaping SEO strategy. With decades of experience in SEO, we can provide the scaffolding needed for real breakthroughs. And, we will continue to partner with large companies throughout California and the entire country to provide organic enterprise SEO measures.

Enterprise SEO Services That Lead Your Business to Breakthroughs

This isn’t a radical course-correction so much as a small adjustment to our value proposition—a way for us to better steer clients toward the kinds of results they’re looking for. As always, everything we do is tailored to meet the individual client’s needs, so if you have questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to contact us. And, we remain deeply rooted in decades of enterprise-level SEO experience.

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Author: Al Sefati

Al Sefati is an enterprise SEO and search marketing expert and the founder of Sefati & Company. Al works with marketing agencies and enterprise level clients and he is in charge of forming and monitoring their SEO and SEM strategies. Al blogs often about latest SEO, SEM and digital marketing trends and tactics.