Sefati & Co Announces New Service as a Product (SaaP) Offering: Report Automation & Visualization via Google Data Studio

Data plays an increasingly major role in SEO and digital marketing endeavors. Easy access to data can be a boon, helping marketers make more informed decisions, but it can also be a little bit daunting. Frankly, processing all the raw data that’s

Google Data Studio
Sample Report From Google Data Studio

available can be a full-time job unto itself. Sefati & Co is proud to announce a new Service as a Product (SaaP) offering that will make it easier than ever for clients to implement online data—specifically, report automation and visualization via Google Data Studio.

What is the Google Data Studio?

The Google Data Studio was conceived with a simple premise: To provide an easy way to synthesize data into informational, easy-to-digest visual reports.

Through Google Data Studio, Sefati & Co can produce a wide range of reports for its clients, presented in formats that are highly customizable, shareable, and easy to read. Some of the most common options include charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and beyond.

These visualizations can even be branded in the client’s colors, fonts, and logos—allowing the reports to be furnished directly to the C-suite or other key stakeholders.

The data that’s synthesized in these reports comprises anything available in the Google Analytics dashboard, as well as imported social media stats, including information from Facebook.

Also, note that the reports generated are dynamic; they automatically update themselves in real-time, making it simple for clients to track the progress and traction of each asset.

One final benefit worth noting is that this Google product uses many of the same interfaces as Google Documents and Google Sheets; in particular, you can click the “share” button to immediately send the file to a collaborator of your choice.

Data Solutions from Sefati & Co

At Sefati & Co, we’ve long been believers in the preeminence of data to effective digital marketing. As such, we’re excited about some of the new tools that enable reports to be automated in a visual, dynamic, and collaborative format. Our team is standing ready to prepare these reports for our clients, as well as to help them interpret the data and make informed decisions moving forward.

Questions about this new SaaP offering? We’d love to answer them. Reach out to Sefati & Co or our sister company Analytics Clarity today and let’s talk.

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