Sefati & Co Announces New Branding, Updated Website; Same Spectrum of Quality Services

Sefati and Co Announces New Branding

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Take Sefati & Co—formerly known as Sefati Digital.

The company has not only changed its name but also launched a new website, making it simpler and easier than ever before for potential clients to interact with the Sefati team.

Yet for all these exciting changes, the company’s staying true to its roots where it counts the most.

For more than a decade, Al Sefati and his team have provided a comprehensive array of data-driven, cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. And that’s still true of the newly-christened Sefati & Co.

New Name, Same Expertise

Sefati & Co Announces New Branding“We’re not a traditional agency, but neither are we a DIY consulting firm,” Al Sefati notes.

“We’ve never been interested in taking a rigid, cookie-cutter approach.

We simply want to hear from our clients about their online branding goals and their pain points, then to customize solutions accordingly.”

To that end, Sefati & Co will continue to offer services that include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, PPC, and beyond.

Additionally, Sefati’s team will retain their commitment to a data-driven approach. “We always provide transparent reporting, showing our clients that we are getting results on their behalf,” Sefati comments.


Search & Digital Marketing Services

Al Sefati, the company’s founder renowned SEO & digital marketing expert, has an enviable track record in the digital marketing space.

He has served countless clients, from small businesses through major enterprises, under a variety of names and brands.

He and his team maintain offices in various locations across Orange County, California.

“As Sefati & Co, we look forward to helping our clients find success through digital marketing—designing custom solutions, one client at a time,” Sefati concludes.

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