If you are an SEO professional or you are trying to be, then you want to make sure you back up your career with lots of up-to-date knowledge and experiance. Both are absolutely necessary in order to be successful in this industry and I know firsthand as I have worked for and with many respectable companies some of them have been mentioned in the about me page either as an in house SEO or an SEO consultant.

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You should also try to show present your knowledge by writing about SEO either on your own blog (like how I am doing here) or you can also guest post from time to time on other sites (which I also do but not as often). Seeing those posts can gain your potential clients or employers confidence and trust in your SEO knowledge or skills.

In addition, you can also try to pursue some sort of formal education. Since SEO is such as a closed science, there isn’t any official certification program endorsed by Google or any major search engine available but there are industry leaders that have taken a shot at it so investing in a certificate may not be a bad thing.

Moz, the popular SEO analytic platform, decided to offer an SEO quiz so you can test your knowledge and share the result with your peers. I really think they should expand this into some sort of certification program. I am sure many people wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks to be Moz certified I know I would as I took the quiz and got 88% the first time. The second time I took it I got 100%. It was a bit tricky and I admit, there was a couple of things that I didn’t know after all these years doing SEO mainly because I didn’t have to deal with them in my past jobs or projects.

Search Metrics, one of my favorite SEO platforms is now offering more advanced SEO certificates that could be worth investing in if you can get your employer to pay for it or if you can write it off as a business expense. I would do it if they had one here in California but they don’t so I will hold off until they do. 🙂

There is also a list of other ones that have been mentioned in this article that could be beneficial which I can’t endorse, but worth researching.

At the end of the day, your clients or employers want and care only for results and your pretty resume or certificates won’t mean much if you can’t deliver results. But all mentioned could be very beneficial in getting there.

Goodluck SEOing and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




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