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While the e-commerce continues to grow at a desirable rate of 23% a year in the US, 51% of the American people prefer online shopping. Visuals play an important role in showcasing products online, as there is no way to actually hold and review the product. Therefore, product photography is important to the success of any merchandise.

Unfortunately, many brands fail to execute brand photography the right way, which ultimately leads to lesser client action than required. So, here are some tips to make your product photography impeccable to ensure that your product is showcased in the desired manner and nothing less than that.

ecommerce product photography

    1. Blending Product Photography with Lifestyle Photography
      While product photography is about providing relevant visual information to the user, lifestyle photography deals with emotions. Any marketing campaign making use of lifestyle photography needs to attach a particular emotion to the product and then add the brand name to it in the right manner. A mix of product photography with lifestyle photography can deliver excellent results for different products.
    2. Give Attention to Detail and Lighting
      Photography allows you to represent a three-dimensional product in a two-dimensional space. On the other hand, lighting plays an important role in making the product look effectual in a three-dimension view. All professional product photographers make use of lighting to take the best shots out of the product under consideration.
      Detail and lighting play an essential role in passing on the shape, texture, form, etc. of the product to the viewer perfectly. Compared to high-end photographs with excellent lighting, low-quality photographs fail to showcase a project or specific brand ideally.
    3. Leave the Task for Professionals
      Several brands think that they can still cut on the budget by taking the specialized task of product photography on their own. Well, this is a big mistake that needs to be avoided. This is often carried out by means of accessible devices like Smartphone with or without inferior lighting gear. Such photography will definitely not look good and would affect brand repute.
      Thus, it’s important to let the task to be carried out by professionals only. Product photography professionals are well-versed in working with a number of products and thus, know how to make the product look mightier in snaps.
    4. Photographic Consistency across the Entire Product Line
      There is more to product photography than just quality equipment, ample lighting, and extensive detailing when it comes to showcasing a particular product line. All photographs of a distinct product line need to be consistent in some visual elements. The easiest way to do so is to hire the same photographer for all product photography projects of a distinct product line. Photographs flaunting different products of the same product line should have some kind of consistency so that the buyer is able to recognize new additions to the product line by merely seeing the photography.
    5. Video is the Next Thing
      Videos are an excellent form of media for extensively showcasing a product of any size and shape. In an age where the most prevalent media form is video, it’s important to take one step ahead product photography in the form of relevant product videos. Of course, videos will need optimization so make sure you understand the basics of Video SEO.

Photos, Videos and other means of Visuals will play an important role in e-commerce so following the tips above will help you see better results. Our enterprise e-commerce SEO consulting services will include all of tips above and much more, so please contact us if you need help with optimizing and marketing your e-commerce store.