Top 5 Enterprise SEO Software Tools for 2018

Top 5 Enterprise SEO Software Tools for 2018
Managing the broad, large-scale needs of an enterprise SEO campaign requires you to use all the tools at your disposal—or at least, all of the really valuable ones. Enterprise SEO experts know that not all software suites are created equal, and while there are many worth trying, only a handful rise to the level of true essentials.

The professionals at our enterprise SEO agency have experimented with countless SEO software options—and these are the five we can recommend most unreservedly.

What’s the Best Enterprise SEO Platform?

  1. BrightEdge SEO Platform

    We like BrightEdge because it truly seems to account for the entirety of the consumer journey—something that encompasses search, yes, but also social; something that involved broad-scale branding but also local results. BrightEdge is all about helping consumers discover the information they need, optimizing your content in a highly-targeted way. BrightEdge harnesses the power of AI to help you activate content in the places you need it most—a must for any enterprise SEO endeavor.

  2. Conductor Searchlight

    Like BrightEdge, Conductor Spotlight unites content and enterprise SEO; its focus is customer-centric, and it empowers you to provide your clients with exactly the information they seek—helping you to optimize your online visibility. The Conductor Searchlight platform is most valuable for how it helps you understand customer behavior while also giving you an inside into the tactics being used by your competitors. A great one!

  3. SearchMetrics

    SearchMetrics is truly an expansive search platform, with dashboards for keyword recommendations, content research, competitor analysis, content performance, and beyond. Essentially, it removes all the guesswork from content development; when you create Web pages and blogs in the SearchMetrics platform, you can be sure that you’re working in alignment both with your SEO needs and your customer expectations. Highly recommended!

  4. SEMRush

    Our enterprise SEO experts have recommended tools and software packages before, but never before has SEMRush made the cut—so what’s changed? Well, SEMRush itself has changed, recently branching out into social media audits, social media management, content recommendations, and more. It’s become a true heavyweight among enterprise SEO software tools, and definitely something you’ll want to check out.

  5. DeepCrawl

    Finally, there is DeepCrawl, which is arguably the most technical of all the tools here—definitely something we recommend for those who have some previous experience in enterprise search. So what makes DeepCrawl so valuable? Mostly, its ability to crawl and audit an extremely large and complex website—something that comes in handy when you’re doing SEO on an enterprise scale.

Bonus Tool: Google Analytics Premium

We promised you five great enterprise SEO software tools, but we can’t help ourselves from throwing in just one additional one—and that’s Google Analytics Premium. Google Analytics has long been the go-do resource for tracking and evaluating website performance (among other things), and springing for the premium version is something we highly recommend. This more robust version of the familiar platform allows you to analyze videos, social media posts, ads, and more—getting a really comprehensive set of SEO data from which you can draw conclusions.

Find an Enterprise SEO Agency That Uses Only the Best Tools

Again, there are plenty of enterprise SEO software tools out there—and we’ve tried most of them. These are the cream of the crop, the ones we’ve found to be the most valuable for enterprise SEO efforts across the board. Try them out, or better yet, seek an enterprise SEO agency that can use these tools strategically on your behalf.

We’d love to talk more about the tools we use to get results for our clients. Reach out to Sefati Consulting Group to start that conversation.

Author: Al Sefati

Al Sefati is an enterprise SEO and search marketing expert and the founder of Sefati & Company. Al works with marketing agencies and enterprise level clients and he is in charge of forming and monitoring their SEO and SEM strategies. Al blogs often about latest SEO, SEM and digital marketing trends and tactics.
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