Top 5 Real Estate Link Building Tactics for 2018

Top 5 Real Estate Link Building Tactics for 2018
Real estate has always been a competitive space—and the advent of SEO has only increased that competition. Today, real estate agents and real estate firms are constantly vying to become the go-to source within their communities—authorities, thought leaders, and reliable guides to the buying and selling of properties.

A big part of this includes building thought leadership online and having other sites and publications link back to your website as a hub of insight and information. Real estate link building not only enhances your reputation, but it can boost SEO rankings, too. And yet, real estate link building isn’t necessarily something that’s easy or intuitive.

Here are five quick tips for winning real estate backlinks in 2018.

A Quick Note About White Hat Real Estate Link Building

First, as necessary context, we’ll note the importance of white hat link building tactics in 2018. When we talk about white hat strategies, we mean honest, transparent and above-board approaches that don’t risk Google penalties. In short, white hat SEO approaches are aligned with Google and other search engine guidelines and they involve legitimately earning real estate backlinks through valuable content and real relationships.

The opposite, of course, is black hat link building—which usually consists of buying links. This is a duplicitous practice that’s strictly frowned upon by Google, and it’s something you should always avoid.

Real Estate Link Building: 5 Tips for 2018

Now, on to our five tips for getting the real estate link profile you desire.

  1. Write content that’s worth linking to. You can’t cheat your way into real estate backlinks; you have to earn them by producing content that people will find worthwhile. This means writing articles—at your personal blog as well as guest posts at other reputable sites. Provide substantive tips about buying and selling homes, home improvement tips, home financing guidelines, how to become a real estate agent, etc.
  2. Create evergreen resources. Another important part of real estate link building in 2018 is producing resources that will stand the test of time, and warrant attention. One easy example? A comprehensive real estate glossary and/or real estate FAQ. Also consider putting together something like a master list of the documents homebuyers and home sellers should assemble before closing.
  3. Develop visual content. In addition to written content, also try putting together some visuals, including videos and infographics. This content can cover some of the same topics mentioned above.
  4. Submit your site to real estate directories. It’s critical to take the time to submit your real estate website to reputable real estate directories. Also submit to local information hubs—for example, the Chambers of Commerce or BBB websites in your community. This is an easy way to get some truly authoritative real estate links, right out of the gate.
  5. Purchase and analyze market data. Buy data from real estate data sources, analyze it, summarize your findings, and send it out over the newswire (via a press release). This gets your name out in front of major publications and can be an effective and totally reputable form of “link bait.”

With these five tips, you can start assembling high-quality backlinks for your real estate website.

A Bonus Tip for Real Estate Link Building

And just for good measure, here’s a bonus tip: Be active on social media, not just promoting your own content but engaging with others. Follow real estate bloggers and influencers to try to get your content in front of them. Outreach is a critical part of the link building process, but it only works when the relationships you form are real—so this step will take some time.

Successful Real Estate Link Building Tactics for 2018

Link building is central to any effective SEO strategy—and for real estate agents and real estate firms, it is important to stay relevant within your own industry as it has the added bonus of enhancing your industry authority and advancing your thought leadership. It allows you to be seen as one of the agents of choice within your community.

Real Estate link building works best when you have a real plan in place—and that’s something we can help you with. Sefati Consulting Group is a leading name in localized SEO, and we have ample experience working with California real estate professionals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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